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  1. harmy

    harmy Midfield

    I remember early 2000s when we used to play Fifa upstairs. Class them days.
  2. Stubbs ftm

    Stubbs ftm Winger

    Seen a few decent bands upstairs, canny little room.
  3. Yep. Blandford had one around 83-84. Used to get upstairs in the borough back then anarl but can't remember it.
  4. artful splodger

    artful splodger Central Defender

    There was a video screen downstairs, remember one Saturday the barmaid going off it as the Pistols were on constantly but none of us had put a penny in the video jukebox, there was a us half a dozen punks round the pool table & the usual old trampy dossiers in? Prior to that the old jukebox would regularly be on house of the rising sun, someone boot the jukebox ffs
  5. Keith S30S

    Keith S30S Inside right Staff Member Contributor

    The screen was at the side of and above the stairs as you walked up.

    I didn't get upstairs in The Blandford much but I remember the screen and juke box.

    My Borough story. I was upstairs one Xmas Eve afternoon, either 1984 or '85 (I would have been very late teens) and a fight broke out. Nothing unusual in that or in the Bee Hive of course.

    We finished our beers and were walking down the stairs when half a dozen or so coppers came charging up. One of them punched me squarely in the plums as he passed by. It took me a couple of minutes to get my breath back and we spilled into the street. I was both pissed and pissed off so when I saw a group of coppers outside having a bit of a chin wag I walked over and said, which one of you bastards punched me in the balls?

    There was silence, a double take moment from them and me then one of them tried to grab me but I pulled away and legged it over the road and down the back lane at the side of the Beehive. I had a copper about 15 yards behind me shouting, you might as well give in, I'll catch you. A bit adrenaline doesn't half sober you up and as a former Broadway school midfielder and 1500 meter record holder he had no fucking chance of catching me :)

    I ran up past Mowbray Park, through the civvy car park and jumped on a bus in Park Lane. My then GF's Ma was on the bus and I sat next to her trying my best to appear sober.

    I vomitted all over the shop when I got home. The half a mile sprint with several beers aboard had caught up with me.
  6. wackyjacky

    wackyjacky Winger

    I was in on Satda night after the Boro game, had no idea it was closing down. Had a bit bounce around to the jukey, still a top boozer in my eyes. Been going in now and again for best part of 40 years and always looks the same. Would like to think they'd still retain some of the character but tbh it'll not happen, it'll be another plastic bar type of shite.
  7. matt_catchpennie

    matt_catchpennie Midfield

    Hopefully put new lines in, beer has been muck in there since 2002
  8. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    More beer lines.

    Never mind TLDR get it read!

    Quality piece that Keith. You are quickly becoming one of the best posters on the forum.
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  9. The place is a shit tip and needed a revamp 10 years ago. Used to be my favourite pub in the late 80s - 90s too
  10. Gil Gunderson

    Gil Gunderson Goalkeeper

    Never went it. Probably will go to new place.
  11. dred

    dred Winger

    Never been the same since they took the snug out

    JAZZMANB Striker

    I'm guessing chunky bearded people with lots of layered clothing with a slight greasy sheen to their complexion, also the goth rock version

    Aye oldies downstairs in all
    Dun cow as well

    Missed Foals lookalikes
  13. Butters

    Butters Winger

    It's well needed. Place is a goth infested dump
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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Remember all that ,though they had a door into back room though ?

    Your sense of direction not up the standards of your fitness
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  15. Used to love it when growing up, but has been neglected for years, so gradually stopped going in, to the point I can’t remember last time I went in.

    Will probably go into a tidied up borough.

    Probably what the owners want to hear tbh
  16. prehab26

    prehab26 Striker

    Good. Pints have been abysmal for an age. Sort the lines out hopefully.
  17. Keith S30S

    Keith S30S Inside right Staff Member Contributor

    Considering I'd had a skinful I thought it was top thinking on my feet in hindsight. As I ran past the Bee Hive along Crowtree Road I remember the shoppers / drinkers cheering me on :)

    That back lane comes out at the very bottom of Blandford Street. From there I can't remember exactly which way I ran, either right or over by the station taxi rank but I obviously ended up on Holmeside near where Yates is now. Hang right up Burden Road, past Mowbray Park on the left and took a right into the civvy disco.
  18. DJP

    DJP Striker

  19. Keith S30S

    Keith S30S Inside right Staff Member Contributor

    Not very PC the pigs in those days :)
  20. Sam Handwich

    Sam Handwich Winger

    Why does everyone think its going to be a "shite plasticky soulless" experience when it reopens. Surely prospective new bar owners are beyond that now. Wasn't that that 90's
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