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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sidewinder2, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. hank williams

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  2. Some Random Guy

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    Aye, I've only been in half a dozen times in the last few years and it's been a shit pint every time.
  3. Stubbs ftm

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    A sweaty refers to those with girls hair who listen to hard rock music, often wear black. Bad B.O. and shite taste is music.
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  4. Scimmy

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    Railway Tavern Millfield, Saltgrass Deptford?
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  5. Secret Visage

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    Willow, Jollies, Oddies, Gardeners, Oddfellows.
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  6. ajthemackem

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  7. Paddy O'Dors

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    Be nice if they do it up like a traditional old school boozer. Where did the bar used to be pre-island? Was it on the left hand side? Last time I was in there was when England drew 0-0 v Italy to qualify for the WC finals (97?)
  8. Kevsgreat

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    Our boy used to put bands on upstairs there on a Friday (think it would have been about 2007ish) for a cut of the upstairs bar takings. He would put anyone on and the bar would make money.

    He'd sit and get pissed all night then spend the money he'd made in town when he finished. Circular economy.
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  9. vinegar hill

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    First went there when you mainly went upstairs late sixties early seventies.
    I'd arrange to meet lasses on Books corner, then I'd sit up there and you could see if they'd turned up or not (anaar it'll of been quite often)
    Mind I'm talking drinking Vaux Gold Tankard then, absolute piss.
  10. Teed

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    No loss, it was always a shithole.
  11. Latka Gravas

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    Part of its charm. Didn’t get the coked up roid wankers in, the beer was canny and the juke box was class. Just hope they don’t try to attract the clientele I mentioned.
  12. ajthemackem

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    Unless you were an arsehole, you very much got looked after in there. The regulars would stand up for everyone.
  13. Keith S30S

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    The Borough is the first place I ever saw a music video on a big screen. Upstairs circa 1984 Wham IIRC :)
  14. Sgt Pepper

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    Always remember being in there on my 18th drinking 'Borough bombs'. Think the last time I ventured in was the day the Reading home match got called off first match of the season so everyone went on the piss instead.

    Shame to see it like that but hopefully they restore it and keep it as a sort of spruced up version of what it was with the ale, jukebox and that rather than the type of bars that surround it.
  15. There or upstairs in The Blandford is where I first saw big screens also in 1984. It was the year I left school loaded with money from Marketforce.
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  16. __howdy__

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    Had many a good time in The Borough, including my first ever pint.

    When Grant had it I was a regular. On many occasion I'd be there till kick out time on a Friday and then be one of the first in again pre-match on a Saturday.

    Many a good gig upstairs, and down for that matter.

    Sad day.
  17. The Butcher

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    Hope the retain a pub type place and not a cocktail/prosecco/gin joint for pretentious kernts. Always been a boozer with a good jukey. Rip Borough.
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  18. Fletch

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    Best jukebox in town , but definitely needs a lick of paint , as others have said hope it remains a traditional pub with decent music
  19. artful splodger

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    Bars always been where it was, just the front bit though, the old front door was on the corner facing the beehive, the back door & stairs didn't used to be there, the original stairs went up behind the bar , the backroom had a fireplace of sorts, never saw it lit & a pool table, had a bay window at the back, changed to the present layout when Vaux did it out in 85, then barred all the punks who drank in there when it reopened. I helped put gigs on upstairs on a Thursday nights for 3 months before it shut down, first bands to play the Borough iirc.
  20. forzamilansafc

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    It's right in the centre of town and different, better than the likes of tonic and Gatsbys etc.

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