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  1. Joe mackem

    Joe mackem Guest

    The best wishes to Clin Healy thread.

    As Porridge has already stated, Bobby Kerr made a remarkable return after breaking his leg twice, and if any encouragement is needed, it is from Bob Stokoes little general.
    All the very best Colin.
    Keep plugging away.

    Sunderland Forever.
  2. Graham

    Graham Goalkeeper

    Hoping to see you back soon, mate. I felt terrible for you when I heard the news. Best of luck to you. Can't wait to see you come back and help the SAFC along on our road to glory! :)
  3. calvintshot

    calvintshot Guest

    Gutted for you and the team.

    Lets make sure you come back stronger and fitter to really kick some arse!!

    All the very best at this very tough time.

  4. calvintshot

    calvintshot Guest

    Gutted for you and the team.

    Lets make sure you come back stronger and fitter to really kick some arse!!

    All the very best at this very tough time.

  5. hawes mackem

    hawes mackem Winger

    chin up col and set your road to recovery, if bobby kerr could come back from 2 broken legs from 30 years ago so can you.. :D

    good luck mate..
  6. townboy

    townboy Winger

    you lucky bastard...... nearly 2 years on the sick with full pay!!!!

  7. Aye good luck Col, Id love to see the best of you in a red and white shirt. Hopefully you must have used up all of your bad luck for your entire career in one go, and you can make an impression in the World Cup and the Premirship sometime soon. Others have come back strong from things like this - Quinn, Robson, etc - to become heroes, you can do the same.
  8. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    haway Colin,keep your chin up and get back where you belong.Back on the pitch doing what you do best. best of luck to you.
  9. Troutio

    Troutio Guest

    I'm sure you'll keep a positive attitude, Colin, and come back better than ever. Everyone is right behind you and can't wait to see you back in the shirt. Best of luck with the nurses an'all.
  10. Hazey

    Hazey Guest

    you take care sonna, ive seen you play for celtic and i know you are a cracking wee player. i was dead chuffed when we signed you, and im sure ill be seeing you in a sunderland shirt again before long and theres nowt to stop you coming back and fulfilling that huge potential.
    enjoy the downtime while it lasts, and i hope i can be there for the game when you return, as youll get one hell of a reception.
    all the best.
  11. S'land till i die!

    S'land till i die! Central Defender

    unlucky with the second break colin, im sure u'll come throught it and be playing for the lads again in no time

    good luck with the recovery


    p.s. a bet sean thornton would love a break (in the team that is)
  12. Porta

    Porta Guest

    Hope everything gets better soon Colin!
    p.s I have a mate here called Mark Gamble, who is also from Cork & says he knows you! Thinks you are just pulling a fast one.................... :wink:
  13. decka33

    decka33 Guest

    good luck colin.
  14. Texasmac

    Texasmac Midfield

    good luck
  15. All the best m8. Come back soon.
  16. safcftm

    safcftm Central Defender

    Good luck col were all behind ya.
  17. pnewton75

    pnewton75 Midfield

    Good luck Colin, I'm sure most of us red and white's will always remember how patient and loyal you were waiting for your move our proud club and you head was not turned by others.
    Keep your chin up and here's to seeing you in a red and white shirt again!
  18. Fingers are crossed you make a full recovery Colin!

    Keep the Faith!
  19. Dear all

    All the messages to Colin have been passed on to RTG's "intermediary" who we hope will now pass them to the man himself.

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