The bar is open what you avin?

I’ll have a pint of Carling Extra Cold..keep them coming and to finish I’ll have a large G+T with ice and a slice of Lime in a git big Gin glass.
Whoa whoa whoa sweet child o mine. Responsible drinking only here my man
As someone else’s paying I’ll try a pint of that 7.2% Black Dragon stuff that Jameson’s have on at the moment.
As per the op you need to state why you're drinking on a school nite
Having a pint of Citra before the David Gower talk-in this evening.
Did you see Dan walker this morning. He said one of his favourite programmes was cricket monthly with david gower and that miserable naga munchety just went that sounds really boring live on the news. God shes a miserable cow. If it had been golf monthly with Ken brown she'd have been all over it like a tramp on chips.
Would love to sup a couple of IPAs while watching some football later but I'm on a no booze on a school night rule.
Then please leave my friend this is for drinkers only


How about speaking to the brewery and getting some better chairs in here? Maybe a full refurb? And what about some old school peanut dispenser cardboards?