The attendance figure today


Was it correct? It matched the figure on that ‘tickets sold’ link just before the start of the match. Did they forget to add the corporates and away supporters which that link doesn’t include? Not that it matters, like........


Yeah, having checked that link yesterday I thought "that seems low" .

Either the website does include away and corporate plus there were zero walk up sales......or.....the figure was probably higher.
They'll have made some unavailable for sale due to cash turnstiles won't they? Therefore that "ticket sold" site would consider them sold.

So minus most of them, plus aways and corporate.

Deleted member 27897

It was 29k.

It was down for a number of reasons, including that people got pissed off at the first home game of the season and that it was an early kickoff and televised game.

Two wins on the trot, and especially a win against Pompey will at least ensure it starts to tick up again though.


I never see North stand lower with me being above them, but I know it always looks poor.. But there were a canny few pockets of empty seats. Even in the south stand.

Understandable in a sense though. Two home games in a week. Although win on Tuesday, I'd expect to see the crowd up 2k at least.


I don’t think anyone is knocking the attendance with or without the aforementioned factors. It’s more a case of how the ‘tickets sold’ link figure turned out to be the official attendance figure despite it saying it did not include away support and corporates.