The Apprentice 2019


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Is it me or are the prizes for the winners getting shitter every year?

"Go back home. Ive put champagne on ice for you all?"

What will it be next year?


Baffles me how fucking shit they are at basic maths.

One whole chicken per pizza, the ludicrous amount of milk for the coffee van and the sandalwood for the perfume springs to mind :lol:
Couldn't watch, I saw the trailer and that posh twat that looked like Michael McIntyre gesticulating with his hands saying "I have expensive tastes, a million is never enough" made me want to punch the tele. Fuck that, no thanks.
They always seem to pluck numbers out of the air, without any thought, but it may be just edited that way to make them look daft. I did nearly turn it off last night, both tours were too cringe worthy.

When the customers were asking questions about the hippos, then Karen Brady whispered to the lads saying I think you should move on quickly now, plus them only making £5 commission from the shop :lol:
Some massive turds on it. Again. Do people not just watch and thank their lucky stars they have some brain cells to rub together?

Gave Jade English who was on it in 2017 a job a few years before the show. Thick as mince, but the place needed brightening up.

Scotty 1978

Just catching up with it now, cringeworthy when they laugh at Sugars shite jokes
Jemelin is a massive wad 😍😍
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