The Apprentice 2018

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Upthere, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Scotty 1978

    Scotty 1978 Striker

    Some horrendous candidates this year
  2. Iballistic George

    Iballistic George Central Defender

    You knew the minute he blurted out the faults in their mag he was a gonner
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  3. SAFC Wilks

    SAFC Wilks Striker

    That lad who is an extra is shite mind.

    “I should lead the pitch.”

    *Gets to pitch*

    “Erm. So. Erm. Right. Erm, I’ll hand it over toooo.......”

    Fucking awful. :lol:
  4. Johnsafc

    Johnsafc Striker

    He seems dense. Would love to know his business can. Can only imagine it centres all around him so it'll probably appeal to Sugar.

    Really just depends what mood Sugar is in and what area of business he wants to go into next. Afew year back it didn't matter how shite Tom the Inventor was, he lost like 8 in a row and still won.
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  5. ConfederacyofDunces

    ConfederacyofDunces Central Defender

    Exactly! Meaningless. Total fucking nonsense. The show has become so shit it's actually shit. Stupid television bastards.
  6. The Canadian would get it like.
  7. garyswc

    garyswc Striker

    She seems a bit unhinged, probably slit your throat in your sleep
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  8. Maybe, but I bet she bangs like a shithouse door.
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  9. Scotty 1978

    Scotty 1978 Striker

    This actor fella struggles to speak :lol:
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  10. Old Prestonian

    Old Prestonian Striker

    Kurran the Quiet One. Speciality is silent action movie roles.
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  11. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Fire in the hole for that spicy doghnut sounds about right :lol:
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  12. stapler

    stapler Full Back

    This is a fucking disastrophe.
  13. snelleton

    snelleton Striker

    What a mess those doughnuts are. Seen better presentation on Big cook, Little cook!!
  14. Old Prestonian

    Old Prestonian Striker

  15. stapler

    stapler Full Back

    Nice to see the corporates telling them to fuck off with their shoddy shit instead of just nodding and making a pretendy order for who cares units.
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  16. Scotty 1978

    Scotty 1978 Striker

    Sack them all :lol:
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  17. gazc24

    gazc24 Striker

    How much are these? £5 each, aye jog on
  18. stapler

    stapler Full Back

    I won't shake your hand because I've got sticky hands. So, how much food would you like to buy from me?
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  19. Parkmaverick

    Parkmaverick Striker

    £5 and it makes someone sick
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  20. stapler

    stapler Full Back

    Good for the diet I suppose.
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