The almost random music thread.

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    I was one of the most ruthless Chess players I beat all the best chess masters and was working my way to Grand Master but I got pissed instead so switched to checkers and won many games - when it comes to Chess now I'd rather have a Chess teacher than an opponent.

    Read the book Samurai Chess
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    It's random music, pal, not random comments;)
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  5. Really like this..

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  7. Excellent, and a great vid too :cool:
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    My son and I are both huge fans. We've seen her live a few times and she always puts on a great show.
  10. Yep, definitely one to watch, needs big bucks marketing, that's unfortunately the way of it these days..
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    She's finally starting to break out in the scene. Touring with Imagine Dragons (not a fan of them myself) will help get her name out. She's also doing a bunch of work with other artists. My son and a friend of his got to meet her at an acoustic set she did in San Diego and they said she is extremely down to earth and very easy going.
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  13. Good, she's talented, deserves recognition. 'High Enough' is great too!

    here's an English lass doing well these days..:cool:

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    Thanks for sharing that!
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    Not heard anything new from Fyfe for a while, so this will have to do.
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  16. Bowie never gets old..
  17. Can't argue with that in any way shape form whatsoever. Beautiful.

    However..... :cool:

    There's more.

    And more... :cool:

    Feck politics.
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