The AIDS man arrested in Newcastle

Discussion in 'SMB' started by dangermows, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. dangermows has only just got out man
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    Your welcome hope you enjoyed the ride!
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    Ongoing court case etc.
  5. Interested in the evidence for this?

    Stats I’ve seen suggest around 1000 more diagnosed infections in MSM than heterosexuals in 2015 in the UK, for example.
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    Was it Jarred? Aids for everyone

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    bloody hell thats evil behaviour
  8. Horrible, horrible bastard.
  9. Aye, but he’s just come back after being bullied off the forum, so he nice for a bit
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    Really, when was this ?
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    Not for long if he's had bad aids sex.
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    The dorty fecker.
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    Look who's back!
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    What?! :lol:
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    I've just burst out laughing :lol:

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    I was on an Old Bailey jury in 1999(?) when an HIV positive Commonwealth student, whose visa had run out, was accused of deliberately infecting her boyfriend (also a student from the same country) with a syringe of her blood while he was asleep. She wanted them both to go home together so she could 'look after him'. The case was unusual because she was charged with attempted murder; GBH and assault. The jury had to decide which, if any, she was guilty of. We found her guilty of GBH, and a law was changed soon after to make deliberate infection (perhaps through this method rather than by sexual contact) an offence of GBH.
    If that sounds like a compromise, that is exactly what it was. It may well have changed by now, but iirc she was given five years with a recommendation of deportation.
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  19. Will get what’s coming to him.
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    It's pretty close either way. This article suggests it's spread slightly more by straight sex:

    My point though, was that people just assume it's mostly spread by gaymen. It's not necessarily true. Although, I think it's easier to spread via bumsex.
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