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Discussion in 'SMB' started by dangermows, May 16, 2017.

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    The old bloke is simply fuming because he was over the hill by the time acid house came along.
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    Pubs closing in the middle of the day on a Sunday
  4. :cool::cool:The first song that awoke my heart and soul to the power of music!:D:D Still amazing as fuck!!
  5. Abiding memory is these things I think.

    Parents used to run newsagents for Forbuoys & any 'accidentally on purpose' broken Kinder Eggs we obviously couldn't sell so we had dozens of these things lined up in the back room during the summer of 1986



    First four tracks on Lifes Rich Pageant are crackers tbfl.
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  6. Brilliant song. Supposedly they offered songs to Whitney Houston but she didn't want them and this was their sarcastic comment on her.

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    The 'like' is for Barry of course!

    'Look, I have actually worked out a way of doing this. Right, no, no listen, look. I’ve got a list of colours right. Now I’ve got a column for 1st choice and a column for 2nd right. Now, each colour gets two points, er, two points a first choice and one for second, right. No no no, we used this method when we elected the chairman of the West Bromwich and District Sunday Methodist table tennis league.'

    Swoon. :lol::lol:
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    Michael Fish you lying twat, Maradona what a prick.
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    And the winner was yellow.. which no-one had as their first choice.

    "So everyone gets what neebody wants"?

    "That's democracy Dennis" :lol:
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    Herald of Free Enterprise
    Nellie the Elephant
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    my doppelgänger... sad to say.
  17. This scary advert about The Natural Born Smoker..

  18. Dark Traveller

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    Knight Rider (bloke with a perm and tight jeans fights crime with the help of his SatNav)

    Threads (government advice film on how to survive nuke going off in Sheffield)

    V (hot women eating their pet budgies or hamsters, whilst the Beastmaster and Freddie Kruger try stopping them)
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