THE 1970s


The 3 day week
Potato shortages
Sugar shortages
Power cuts
Rampant inflation
The winter of discontent
Red Robbo
The troubles in NI
The cold war

I was aged 6-16 during the 70s so most of this passed us by at the end of the day.

Happy times with me mates. Football/cricket on the green til it was dark. Adventures out to the surrounding countryside where you'd just walk all day but still find your way home without the need for a mobile phone. First proper Raleigh bike. Roker Park with me dad then later on with the lads and amazed by tales from my older brothers about away trips. Hitting teenage years and realising there was summat about these female people after all, even the ones you'd grown up with and looked at slightly differently all of a sudden.

Then when I was 15 Thatcher got elected and things got really bleak..
Yep. Born in 1966 meant I grew up in the 1970s. Not a care in the world. I left all the worrying to the grownups. The three day week, all the strikes all passed me by. Along with lasses for the best part. I learned to smoke as well. Thought I was living on the edge when I went into the shop around from school and buying a tab for 5 pence. Be nice to be that age again.
I was born in 1955. So by late 1970 I was 15.

Which meant that whilst I was only a kid (8-10) when the Beatles/Stones first happened I was reasonably aware of what was going on and exposed to some of the best popular music ever created as it happened and some of the most important social events - and still young enough to be in a punk band and still you enough to be involved with bands and music in the early 80s and... well I kind-of lost interest by the mid 90's

I also meant I was 18 in in May 1973.
White dog shit & Spangles.
Aye, my Mam was a shite cook anarl.