THE 1970s


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Being young
Yep. Born in 1966 meant I grew up in the 1970s. Not a care in the world. I left all the worrying to the grownups. The three day week, all the strikes all passed me by. Along with lasses for the best part. I learned to smoke as well. Thought I was living on the edge when I went into the shop around from school and buying a tab for 5 pence. Be nice to be that age again.


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No laughing at the back but I absolutely loved the disco era.

Getting togged up to the nines every Saturday night and dancing to some great tunes.

The etiquette of the chase of dating ladies. Disco balls. Chic. Funk.

It’s looked back on as a bit naff now - but it wasn’t at the time - I had a ball.