The “I like the new kit” thread

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by safccfas, May 21, 2019.

  1. Front would be great for noughts and crosses during a dull game.
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  2. Adamfsafc

    Adamfsafc Goalkeeper

    Strange people them, who support Sunderland and criticise other fans for wearing a Sunderland shirt. Posers the lot of them.
  3. AC Mack

    AC Mack Striker

    Surprise surprise. It could just be a pile of sick and you'd like it.
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  4. What is your definition of a sunderland shirt?
  5. Not bad, I like it.
    The whole kit looks better with red socks.
  6. admwil

    admwil Winger

    Imagine getting so wound up over a kit
  7. Wearside2Wrwkshire

    Wearside2Wrwkshire Central Defender

    I honestly don't think we have, i even prefer the carrier bag one
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  8. Not this one.
  9. Looks very Stoke
  10. Mackem Mad

    Mackem Mad Winger

    It’s utter wank.
  11. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    Stripes on front, back and arms.
  12. ftm1971

    ftm1971 Winger

    It's ruined by that horizontal red bar, the mock up one with just the 'BETDAQ' logo, which is what it would have been originally, looks class.Still a canny top though, and nice to have a charity on there.
  13. I agree.
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  14. Mackem Tommy

    Mackem Tommy Midfield

    If you find yourself getting proper worked up over a football kit, and you’re an adult, you’re sad as fuck.
  15. Sidewinder2

    Sidewinder2 Winger

    It's canny
  16. Fetch Fletch

    Fetch Fletch Striker

    First thread on pure football that's also available in Braille
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  17. Is anybody "proper worked up"?

    Or are we just having a light hearted chat about football kits?
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  18. rocky

    rocky Striker

    Whether you like it or not it is a Sunderland shirt
  19. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    Well there’s two of us. Just need 40000 more and a new strip boycott and we will all be happy next season.
  20. Mackem Tommy

    Mackem Tommy Midfield

    I’m not referring to anybody in particular, but there are 100% people proper worked up out there.

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