That fella 'Nick' who made the VIP paedo allegations including murdered children...

Discussion in 'SMB' started by JonMc, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Tried to put the blame for his indecent computer images on his own teenage son as well.

    A really complex web of lies that he made by carefully choosing long missing children and even his own past friendships to corroborate his stories. He really fooled the police and then, when alarm bells ring him he buggers off to Sweden - paying for everything with cash so as not to leave a paper trail.
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  4. If Cyril Smith had been an establishment Tory, and not a loud, fat, Northern Liberal, he wouldn't have been outed.

    Tories look after their own. Throwing him under a bus would be deemed an acceptable sacrifice to placate those demanding a wider investigation.
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    Maybe people have been going to the papers. Maybe the story was going to be published. Maybe the papers got served with a D Notice (I think that's the term). Wasn't the Rochdale local paper all set to run the Cyril Smith story until the editor was threatened with imprisonment if it went ahead as it was against the public interest so the story was dropped leaving Smith free to continue unhindered???

    How on earth do you lose such an important document and then forget the names of your friends and colleagues who were mentioned in it. Very convenient.
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    You lose it by accidentally dropping it in the shredder.
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    Has there been others who've came forward relating to these people?
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    I think that he would have been. Credible witnesses have come forward and identified themselves as victims. They have been believed. This just hasn't happened with other names that 'everybody knows...they just know' committed the same crimes...and worse.
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    Drat, that's unlucky. How did I manage to drop this 500 page dossier into such a small slot while accidently switching it on at the same time.
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    Well apparently you hand it over of your own free will to the very man who you implicate in that document of being part of a paedophile ring. You do it without making a copy of the document or telling anyone else what was in the document. You have all the information about a gang of beasts and murderers in your place of work and you just hand it over to them.
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    Apparently he had a copy and his house was burgled. Although common sense would tell you to make multiple copies and store one with a solicitor and one in a bank vault perhaps
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