That fella 'Nick' who made the VIP paedo allegations including murdered children...

Discussion in 'SMB' started by JonMc, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Next he'll be found dead either committing suicide or dead from misadventure with a gimp suit on and a pool ball in his mouth. Standard response.

    He'll have snuffed it by then mate

    I had a warning from the mods for having the temerity to suggest that the higher echelons of justice in this country are full of satanic paedos.

    Strong and correct words been spoken.
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    I feel your pain about warnings brother. Some people are very uncomfortable about the truth being spoken for fear of their little bubble being burst. Which thread was it on? Not that I can say much, on a warning myself until March. I’ve been itching to mention the horrible kernt that is whiskas dick (I’ve gone cryptic there!:lol:)
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    We are agreed on that, at least. :lol:
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    There’s always common ground somewhere.:lol:
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  5. The establishment is riddled with paedophilia, strange rituals and so on. A lot is used for blackmail purposes as admitted in the above video.

    Funny how a lot of these people who "get in the way" end up getting done for rape/child porn or end up committing suicide, getting killed in random robberies/car crashes etc. Assange and Seth Rich are the most recent examples, other than this bloke, to come to mind.
  6. WHD

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    a fake news video I assume @JonMc?
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  8. JonMc

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    That's over a decade old. I have seen it but in the past decade it's been superseded by more recent operations.

    I've no doubt that sort of bribery did go on to keep politicians onside.

    But Fortescue is dead. Heath is still dead and Britton is still dead. Since then we have seen numerous investigations into the allegations and unless every victim and every witness has been somehow 'silenced', again...where are they all now? If anyone came forward now with credible evidence I'm certain that they would be listened to - if not by the police, certainly by the press who would be just itching to get their hands on such explosive material. These weren't your minor MPs - they were very famous men.

    Where are the witnesses?
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  10. JonMc

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    And as a final chapter...

    Nothing stays silent forever. The truth will out. Just like the McCann's will be found out eventually if they buried their daughter, so will Britton and Heath will be exposed over their 'crimes' if they were committed by them. It will happen...or it never happened. We just wait.
  11. WHD

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    Tim Fourtescue stated in that video he would help MPs out who had problems with small boys ffs. Who gives a shit if its a decade old? It fits right in with Heath and Brittan's era.
  12. GK

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    This is what I hate about conspiracy theory type debates. They just end up with vague references to the establishment or authorities. Or often just "they".

    Of course there has been paedophiles in parliament. There are paedophiles in all walks of life. Its a sickness/condition that isnt aware of class. And i have no doubt there have been numerous paedo cover ups in the upper echelons of society.

    This is a very specific case though. The fella made allegations about leon brittan. The police investigated, named the suspects to the general public via newspapers, the tv and numerous websites, asked for the other victims/witnesses to contact them and nobody came forward. I still can't get my head around how the above set of events is a cover up. They named the suspects and their suspected crimes. :lol:
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  13. Are you saying..:eek:
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    I think what's interesting in this instance is the implication that Nick has been stitched up. The irony of implying that will become apparent in time. He's basically had a mare as have the Met.
  15. JonMc

    JonMc Striker we go. Nick, it seems has been charged with perverting the course of justice and fraud. Now he will get his time in court to explain to everyone why the conspiracy theorists should be believed.

    In the past I've been told that it's been most 'convenient' that he's been 'discredited'. Funny way to discredited a man telling the truth about the establishment - in open court. It's up to him now so strut your stuff Nick...

    Westminster paedophile accuser 'Nick' charged with perverting course of justice over sex abuse claims
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    The court system is corrupt, he will be found guilty and locked up.
  17. Apparently from the region too.
    Probably posted on here....
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    The charges are pretty serious. Making specific allegations to witnessing the murders of children by public figures. We can make up our own minds at last.
  19. sidneyeric

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    As along as everything is disclosed, I doubt it will be though.
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    Victims of abuse can go on to...

    I'm not saying they're all inclined that way but what if it's the case the ones not saying anything are up to this themselves and don't want the inevitable attention talking of their experience will bring?

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