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  1. Cheers mate.

    Moyes :cool:
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  2. Three nonce allegations, five personal spats involving expats and two bannings
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    Full Moyes Party
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    I don't know. I've just read reports about bar raids in Bangkok with drugs test etc for people not caught with anything. I'm not sure if it's only in Bangkok that they're cracking down or elsewhere also.
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    Depends what you want from it. Do you want a lads holiday to remember or a lads holiday you swear you won't ever talk about
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    I wouldn't be into the drug scene tbh, tried the odd one in my time.

    From people who have been to Thailand, did any of you do drugs over there?

    Its the one thing I'm shitting myself about, 99% sure I'll not go near any but I heard the police lads are brutal for even possession of a minor amount.
  7. Having read a bit about the criminal justice system there, don't. There are safer places if you are interested in drugs. Not that i am
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    Yeah, I've just been reading up about it there :eek:

    Nah, like I'd be the same I'd have fuck all interest in drugs but if you're pissed drunk sometimes you don't stuff you don't mean too and then the repercussions come :lol:
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    this happened just down the road in malaysia but the same applies...

    i was working on a movie in malaysia with loads of other lads. first night there a few went out to a club close to the hotel. after a while a local bloke came over to them, started talking and within a few mins casually asked them if they wanted some pills. the lads backed off and said that they didn't want to get in bother with the police as they knew how tough malaysia was on drugs, especially with foreigners.

    the bloke reached into his pocket and pulls out his ID card and said "don't worry i am the police"....

    within a few weeks he was phoning them in the hotel if they didn't show up in the club trying to flog them gear.


    Northern Thailand is dominated by mountains and cloaked in forest. It hides ancient creatures and surprising partnerships. To survive here, both the wildlife and people rely on maintaining the natural harmony of the mysterious north.
  12. King of the North!


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    Bit like yay.
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    :eek: Sick
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    a lad i know from back home just spent 3 weeks in a thai hospital and then 2 weeks in durham hospital recovering from a skin eating parasite that infected one of his legs while over there. got a photo on FB of it that looks pretty grim...
  17. :eek:
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    Bet it sounds even worse now...
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    Apparently they’re cracking down and failing badly. The prisons are full of people in for minor possession with the drugs gangs fighting turf wars outside. I was reading a story at the weekend where 2 people were murdered and the bodies left to bloat in the sun and be eaten by river rats. No one dared move the bodies. Crystal meth is having a massive effect.
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