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    Didn't see any evidence of it.
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    Those detained in recent raids in Bangkok would tell a different tale.
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    Question cos I don't know - are the Junta as bothered about what goes on in the peripheries of the country as they are in the economic centre? Cos those mussies are pretty brazen about their happy shakes.
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    Do they eat dogs ?
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    More Vietnam than Thailand I believe.
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    There is a magical place where all the woman wear brown paper bags on their heads.
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    Bangkok for 4/5 nights then fly down to 1 of the Islands for a week
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    :lol::lol::lol: its the smb ffs , cant wipe there arse without asking "what hand do i hold the bog roll in" :lol:


    Nee bog roll in THE KINGDOM Iirc
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    No so you should be safe
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    Phuket/Ao Nang and the quieter Koh Lanta is what I would recommend. You can do PhiPhi and various other island trios from anyone of those places in a day
  13. Right mate. Definitely right
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    Toys r us?

  15. How much spending money should I take for two weeks in Phuket?

    Really trying to plan this trip and im struggling big time.

    Will be doing a few excursions etc, eating out nice places some nights but not every night.
    will be having a few nights out also.

    someone please help :lol:
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    That's what you will have once you have met the "ladies"

    You dirty bastard.
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    You will be more than fine on fifty quid a day. Phuket is one of the most westernised parts of the country so you could easily spend a load of cash if you wanted. However you can still get a good evening feed for a 5er if you eat in the more local places. Drinks are cheap as chips in most bars.

    Two weeks is too much time there IMO mind. But then I'm not much of a beach person.
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    Crown Prince (Dennis) Longhorn cracked down on DNASH yet?
  19. So 500 would be a little less than required? as results in 35 quid a day. two days traveling not included there mind.
    And I don't mind doing a few local places but Id rather have more nights in fancy restaurants etc, especially if its not that expensive in comparison to being home.

    This will be the biggest holiday I've been on so I want it to be by far the best personally.

    Were looking at doing three excursions including phi phi Islands.. all looking roughly £80ish a pop
  20. dangermows

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    If you have a couple of quiet ones you'll be alright. If you dont want to watch the pennys at all though and want to eat in flash places you should take 700-800.

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