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  1. IrishMackem88

    IrishMackem88 Winger

    I've never been, neither have some of my mates so we're 99% sure we'd like to go there next June or so.

    Is it all it's cracked up to be and where is the best place to go? Koh Samui, Pattaya, Chiang Mai etc? Or are there any hidden gems to stay?

    Or would you recommend Bali, Malaysia, Vietnam or somewhere else?

    Never been to any part of Asia, had planned to go with my ex but that ended :lol:

    I wouldn't mind doing 5/6 days in one place then 5/6 in another, being self employed is a pain in the hole :rolleyes:
  2. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    Do you like curry marra? I mean a proper Indian curry
  3. IrishMackem88

    IrishMackem88 Winger

    Is this code for "Irish boy do you want to get spit roasted by 7 lady boys in Thailand" :lol:

    But if you're talking about the food curry, aye I love it!
  4. Do some research!
    See what appeals to you?

    Do you want culture? Beach resorts? Geographical stuff?

    No one can recommend anything to you unless you give more info. If you just want sunshine in June you are probably better off going to the Costas.
  5. IrishMackem88

    IrishMackem88 Winger

    I want all of that! Just wondering where is the best place to be based in Thailand for culture, beaches, nightlife etc. Obviously I wouldn't mind travelling a few hours out to the jungles or to various islands.

    Can't be arsed going to Spain, Portugal, Italy etc been to those spots loads!
  6. JonMc

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    The best parts of Thailand are away from the big lights imo. I have to say though that there is a caveat to that - Bangkok which should be experienced. That aside get up north or to the muslim Koh Lanta for the real laid back shit.

    The surrounding countries are basically versions of that experience. HCMC should also be seen but get out into the sticks too.
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  7. Well if you want culture, beach resorts and geographical stuff ( and more) , Spain , Portugal and Italy have that by the bucket load. Why do you fancy Thailand?
  8. IrishMackem88

    IrishMackem88 Winger

    I've been to Spain, Portugal and Italy countless times and i've done most of Europe (well at least the countries I wanted to see)

    Full Moon Parties, travelling through the jungles on elephants, visiting ancient temples etc seeing the stunning beaches Asia has to offer (going on google images)
  9. Ah ok. Well for starters I'd avoid pattaya , it came across to me as dirty and seedy. I loved Georgetown in Malaysia, but I went many years ago, so see what more recent travellers have to say.
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  10. JonMc

    JonMc Striker

    Don't do the elephant thing.
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  11. haway

    haway Striker

    That's what they all say before going to Thailand looking to retire (while posting for advice on how to find a wife).
  12. toenails

    toenails Midfield

    So even though you know it's cruel you still want to have a ride on the elephants there mate? Just for a few likes on your Instagram there? The david bellamy's of this world will be fuming iirc there and rightly so when animal welfare is ignored just for the sake of a few likes on the social media platforms imo there
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  13. Tex

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    Where is this Thailand place?

    Thought it had been officially named 'THE KINGDOM' some time ago.
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  14. IrishMackem88

    IrishMackem88 Winger

    Well tbf I only used it as an example! Not saying I would in fact go get up on an elephant.

    When you think of Thailand in that context, you think stunning beaches, chicks with dicks, elephants etc
  15. gavinmcant

    gavinmcant Winger

    June's about the worst month to go unless you like rain. Chaing Mai is beautiful and jungly with temples and is more laid back than the southern islands. Samui is a bit developed now as is Phuket though i like Bangtao beach there. Koh Phi Phi is worth a day or night there as is James Bond island and others within easy reach of the the larger southern islands on a long tail boat. If your going with a bunch of mates, I'd sughest the full moon party on Koh Phagnang for a couple of nights, few days in Samui and couple of nights on Kih Tao then Bangkok for a few nights. Those three islands are close to each other and you get ferries between them. The first row are busy and quite varied and Koh Tao is quiet and stunning. Thailand is one of my favourite places but personally, I don't think you'll see anything like the best of it going with a group of lads on the piss.
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  16. FootballFan

    FootballFan Striker

    Never been, some plans for next year type of reunion event. Looking forard to it.
  17. Spenny

    Spenny Striker

    Called at Koh Samui and Pattaya but was underwhelmed in both. They were full of fat baldy middle aged European blokes who all looked knackered and very white which was odd as it was really sunny. Bangkok, Saigon and Nha Trang are worth a visit though.
  18. RTRsBM

    RTRsBM Striker

    Bangkok is decent away from the seediness. The main tourist bits are ok for a few days. Outside of the tourist areas there are loads of amazing temples and markets but realistically you need locals to show you them. Chiang Mai is a good city to visit with numerous places nearby for trips. Down south I really liked the mountains around Ranong, the city itself is just a working class town but the surrounding mountains are great to visit.

    I agree with peachbum that Georgetown and Penang are good. I had only planned to stay a few nights but ended up staying longer. Depending on how long you have you could catch the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok to Penang which costs about £15.

    Personally I would recommend Vietnam from the SE Asian countries which is why I decided to stay here. Still much less westernised than Thailand. Hotels, food etc are generally cheaper as well. @johnson recently visited so could advise on Vietnam.
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  19. You're in Saigon (HCMC) man, it's like a little brother to Bangkok these days ;) Seriously, I'd try and see much of South East Asia if was coming this way from the UK. As you say, Vietnam isn't as westernised, not a 7/11 on every corner, and I know @johnson really enjoyed himself.
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  20. RTRsBM

    RTRsBM Striker

    Tbf I almost put HCMC apart in brackets after the less westernised comment but then I thought about it and outside of the highly developed districts there's still a lot of totally unwesternised, undeveloped areas where the local kids stare at you for being white or shout hello as you're a novelty even within HCMC.

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