Terminal Cancer part IV

Make sure that you listen to your lass even though it's probably a difficult task after paying little heed for many a year and when you have a glass of wine make sure that it's from a decent bottle. Keep battling the bastard.
Great to see your post, today @coxhoedave, and am so glad you're still fighting the cancer.
Don't worry about being weary, especially on Christmas Day.
The Queen's Speech, usually sends me into a 3 day coma, though the drink might just, have a tiny bit to do with it :lol:
I also suffered daily hiccups, that went on for many hours, and was eventually hospitalised for nearly 3 weeks. (At the time, my weight had dropped from 12, to less than 8 stones, but since I've put the weight back on, I've not had a single problem with hiccups)

When I lived in Newton Hall, in a previous life, my daily pubs of choice, were the Dun Cow, and the Victoria (The Vic) in Durham city.
Both are cracking pubs, and I spent many happy times in both.

Do you know my mates from Coxhoe ?, brothers Stevie, Andy, and Gary T (originally from Somerset, I think)

Keep fighting with everything you've got Dave, and please post whenever you are able.
Take care mate, and I wish you continued strength, positivity, and courage, in abundance.
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Keep up the good fight, CD!

I suspect it probably wouldn't be wise, but you could always give whisky a bash if wine and beer are off the table!
All the best
I was also full of morphine and in a semi conscious state.
Into the bedroom walked my late brother who died in 2002. There was no fear, only relief that he looked so good. Late 20s tanned and slim.
"Come on, time to go with me"
"OK I'm coming" was my immediate response.
In my semi conscious drugged up state I was more than happy to go to my death.
I'm atheist and not spiritualist in any sense of the word but this was so incredibly powerful.
Your brother will come back for you when it’s time.

In the meantime listen to your Mrs and keep fighting.

You’re an inspiration.