Jack Ford

I guess some will hate this (being Chelsea run out song) . But living darn sarf for 30 ish years this was often played at Discos I use to frequent in early 70s. Stil like it despite..........

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Bugger - I missed this thread.... I remember Heinz.
Some good tunes posted already, I'd have posted Focus (Sylvia and Hocus Pocus)
AWB had a few instrumentals.
Talking of run-out tunes, SAFC used to have Z-Cars, Everton nicked it are still using it. I don't think Prokoviev made it to the charts either. Alan Sugar nicked it and is still using it.
Anyway I searched for a youtube clip of a daft version of "Dashing White Sargeant" which was a minor disco hit in the 70s, but I could only find this extremely bizarre (and quite disturbing) video.. WTF
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One of the 1st instrumental records I can remember getting into the charts. Not saying its the 1st. But post any instrumenal you can remember. This was 1962 ish iirc
I saw the Telstar play in a west end theatre years ago. Without doubt the best bit of theatre I’ve ever seen. I’ve had the fillum dvd for years but nivver watched it. Worried it detracts from the play.