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Telegraph: MI5 opened file on Corbyn over his links to IRA.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pete Bog, May 19, 2017.

  1. He could always report the Telegraph to IPSO if he has an issue with that article. I doubt he will mind.

    He's a bloody fool with a lot of skeletons in the cupboard
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  2. York

    York Midfield

    Great stuff, reminding all Labour supporters why it's not always a good idea to support someone who has been on the back benches all his life and has radical views. The man's a liability who will hopefully return to the back benches quicker than Moyes took us down.
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  3. winky

    winky Midfield

    You seem to get very angry about history. Useful as it is.
  4. Not angry at all. I can remember dear old Harold Wilson complaining about MI5 back in the day.

    Plus ca change Rodders
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  5. haway

    haway Striker


    MI5 still holds 440,000 files which have been opened since it was established in 1909. (as of 1998)

    On top of that another 200,000 were destroyed, so there's been over 600,000 opened since then.

    Based on the current move towards more counter terrorism there will probably be circa over 1m people who've had files on them since 1909.

    I have no idea who has been historically investigated by mi5 but if it's anything like the US anyone involved seriously in leftwing/ anti-war politics etc. had a file on them. Half the US folk music scene e.g. Dylan, Ochs, Guthrie had files kept on them by the CIA.

    This genuinely is a non-story. I can guarantee there's a good number of both Tory and Labour MP's who'll have had data collected on them historically.
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  6. defunctdigits

    defunctdigits Midfield

    Wow, Labour must be doing better than I thought.
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  7. LeicesterMackem

    LeicesterMackem Striker

    Lynton Crosby says.....

  8. smoker

    smoker Striker

    Did you actually read the article or just the headline?

    Some of the stuff is damning, at least to those of us who aren't terrorist sympathisers.
  9. ajthemackem

    ajthemackem Striker

    It begins, what a surprise.:lol:

    Only Tories read the Telegraph like, nowt to worry about there.
  10. winky

    winky Midfield

    I wouldn't bank on that. This story will go wider, and deservedly so.
  11. mcq10

    mcq10 Striker

    They had files on anybody who had any political views man.

    Jesus Christ I think corbyns useless but the right wingers on here are starting to get seriously fucking imbalanced at any mention of corybn :lol:

    Ricky Tomlinson spent time in jail due to a coordinated security services stitch up ffs.

    That's what happened in the 50,60,70,80s
  12. Horatio Pugwash

    Horatio Pugwash Striker

    This, fcking racist thick telegraph readers.
    The rest of us intellectuals don't care if Corbyn supported the murder of innocent British children thirty years ago, it's not as if he's trying to become Prime minist.... , I mean he's a pacifist who doesn't believe in viole.... what I mean is,he's a man of integrity who the nation can trust to defend its interes......errrrrrrr!

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  13. ajthemackem

    ajthemackem Striker

    I think his policies are spot on, what can I say?
  14. Narraback

    Narraback Winger

    Why would they not?

    If Theresa May had been a UK hating, terrorist supporting bellend in the 70's, 80's and 90's do you think the left wing media would just let it go?

    Many of his skeletons are sitting outside the cupboard; for it is full :lol:
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  15. Smartprice Bacon

    Smartprice Bacon Full Back

    Fake news
  16. Horatio Pugwash

    Horatio Pugwash Striker

    I think quite a few of them are spot on too.
    It's the fact that he supported terrorism (or at the very least, sympathised with it) that caused the file to be opened.
  17. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

  18. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    in fairness i should imagine anyone who chose to go into public life had a file on them opened.
  19. Horatio Pugwash

    Horatio Pugwash Striker

    Dunno mate, those that supported terrorism are pretty much guaranteed though.
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  20. Boz33

    Boz33 Winger

    Serving mp check, known links to the ira check, friend of Hamas and co check, known protester of pretty much everything check. I'd be amazed if there wasn't an MI5 file on him and others like him

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