Team out on the drink?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by mackembhoy, May 18, 2019.

  1. mackembhoy

    mackembhoy Striker

    According to my mate. The lads are drinking in Avieka right now in Newcastle.

    Considering he isn't a mag and will be working there. No reason to doubt.
  2. kp10

    kp10 Midfield

  3. El Gen

    El Gen Winger

    football player goes to pub for a drink.
    Is this news?
    People are so fucking weird these days
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  4. alicante mackem

    alicante mackem Striker

    And? I'm struggling to see what the point of this post is?
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  5. In other news Cattermole had a shite after he got up this morning
  6. mackembhoy

    mackembhoy Striker

    Aye Ian Botham rocked up pissed and spanked the Aussies all over 1981.

    But today a slight breeze causes a players to be injured.

    Someone who never saw Ian Botham play cricket could believe, sportsman not being at top fitness levels may a problem.
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  7. I wasn’t aware having a drink 9 days before their next game would be such a problem for our finely tuned athletes.

    WHO WAS PHONE Goalkeeper

    Good. Humans are allowed to enjoy their fucking lives. If it was next Saturday by all means be outraged, but a week before the math and after the manager has already said they had a couple of days off, stop twisting.
  9. SydneyFan

    SydneyFan Winger

    Doubt what exactly and more to the point why bother doubting it ?

    Explain your agenda with this ?
  10. Wewontbehomefortea

    Wewontbehomefortea Goalkeeper

    Cut the shitty negatives and give Jack Ross and the lads a bit of slack eh?
  11. ExileBFG

    ExileBFG Full Back

    Are we supposed to be outraged by this? Good on them :)

    KNGHTHOOD Striker

    Rotton to the core.

    WHO WAS PHONE Goalkeeper

    I've heard they might have sex the night before though lads, hell on
  14. Daffy

    Daffy Striker

    Follows on .......
  15. Doberman

    Doberman Striker

    They’ve got the weekend off before work starts properly on Monday. No issue.
  16. meeowdam

    meeowdam Midfield

    Good for them!

    They deserve it and good team time.

    It will be good to have a full week on the training field rather than a mid week game.
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  17. Good. I hope they have a great time. They deserve it.
  18. What’s the point of the thread?

    And is it the 1st team? Reserves? Whole squad? Or just a few players?
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  19. Kermit

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