Teachers and workloads

Discussion in 'SMB' started by chunkylover53, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. The Voice Of Reason

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    Just posted this on my FB page

    Something needs to change
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  3. Charmless Man

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    Don’t they have about 893 weeks off a year to do their extra marking or whatever the fuck it is they pretend to do when not blindly reading from the curriculum?
  4. Robots are coming to take our jobs so we can tell them to prioritise this sector.
  5. Pop

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    I like it when my sister in law complains about all the marking she has to do, she teaches four year olds.
  6. My Dad was getting frustrated towards the end of his career as he felt he spent more time doing admin work and ticking boxes than actually teaching the children.
  7. Charmless Man

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    I used to do quite a bit of marking of undergrad work and I’m convinced a few four year olds had snuck in to that class.
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  8. I wouldn't do it. Pay and career progression seems pretty crap for what they do.
  9. Tomma

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    It hasn't changed much.
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  10. mcq10

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    We had four train to teach graduates start with us in September.

    Three have quit before the end of the year due to workload.

    The other is going to finish but says she doesn’t want to teach.
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  11. Can they play CB?

    Add “& District Teachers” back in our club name?
  12. Wife quit doing it a couple of years ago

    Fuck the holidays wouldn’t get me doing it
  13. Oli Wagkz

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    Wife’s a teacher and works mental hours during school terms.

    Teachers gets a fair few holidays, but don’t get paid for them.
  14. Some Random Guy

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    It was a self selecting sample, that could have skewed the result.

    I also have no idea what proportion of people in other industries would have the same response if asked that question. That may not be out of the ordinary.
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  15. It would be a canny job if it wasn't for the admin, the pupils and the parents.
  16. I hope you don't teach English? Your grammar is appalling :eek:


    Was a joke by the way :D
  17. Teed

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    Well, it's one way of dumbing down society.
  18. The Voice Of Reason

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    The good people I have seen leave the job

    Replaced by young keen people that have neither the skills or experience that means they won’t cope

    Something needs to change in the profession
  19. Kent_Mackem

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    When I hear/read news like this I find it incredibly worrying. Teachers leaving (presumably that includes very good teachers), Climate Change and Brexit. Now I know that depending on the newspapers some people read they’re instructed that those things either don’t exist or don’t matter, but with somebody who has young children I find it desperately depressing that their futures have been f***ed up by our generation of politicians (and by extension those that voted them in - i.e. us).
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