Taking your own sauce to a restaurant

Of course it does,if a professional is cooking food there is an assumption that they have a good idea of what flavours go together and have created a dish a such.

From that perspective,it's fairly rude to come in and assume their food is shit and needs extra flavour with hot sauce.

Of course the reality,as others have said,is if you are eating shit food then taking hot sauce makes sense. If it is a kebab place and they don't have hot sauce,then they don't deserve anybody's custom.
I cannot really agree with that. I put hot sauce on just about everything. There are many times, when the food tastes great as is, but I still like to add a few drops of hot sauce just to give it more bite.


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I often do it with Tabasco. I need some taste without the sugary muck that restaurants provide.
Used to have the same problem. Years of exercise and operational rations were always sexed up with Tabasco. Even used to take a bottle to the cookhouse. Managed to wean myself off it over the years. Still get a buzz everytime I see it on the supermarket shelves though.


I want to take some franks hot sauce with me to a meal, I know they don’t have any where I’m eating tonight.

Is this acceptable?
You can't eat your own foodstuff in a restaurant

You can however do what you like as long as you are not caught
depends on the quality of the restaurant and if its "fine dining"
If it has a decent chef with a good reputation you want to be able to taste his dishes as he intends them
If its just a fast food dump then taking your own shit sauce to block out any other tastes is acceptable i suppose


I want to take some franks hot sauce with me to a meal, I know they don’t have any where I’m eating tonight.

Is this acceptable?
It has been done for centuries, was a vry fashionable thing to do until the turn of the 20th century. Men used to carry round mustard boxes containing dried mustard balls or powder and would mix their own mustard on their side plates using a splash of wine or vinegar to hydrate it.


We once had an awkward Australian (is there any other type?) lass who wanted to take her own favourite wine to a restaurant for her birthday. We had a hell of time getting the restaurant to allow her to drink her own bottle in there, but we eventually agreed a "corkage" charge. Maybe you could agree acorkage on your sauce bottle ;)
Don't ask permission mate take it, hoy your sauce all over the food table and the waitress then neck the rest of the bottle in front of them.