Taking stitches out yourself

Discussion in 'SMB' started by gabbiadini1, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. stapler

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    You probably will be by Saturday teatime.
  2. Keith S30S

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    Clean pair of small scissors, slide under and cut. Pull out with tweezers.

    I did it a few years ago, no bother.
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  3. Wild Card

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    Havnt read the whole thread but its a doddle. I took my own out my foot a year back and there really is nothing to it. Clean the area with some disinfectant wipes or spay as well as the scissors, then cut the stitch and pull through. It doesn't hurt at all, just remember not to pull the knot through the wound.
  4. Wilfy

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    Is he deed yet?
  5. gabbiadini1

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    Still here marra!

    Well im in jersey city. But I’m not American.
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  6. MackneyHackem

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    My other half did this a couple of weeks ago after cutting her leg at work (mortal).

    She hasn't started smelling of almonds just yet.
  7. elder

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    done it a couple of times. the first time i'd asked the doc when she put them in if i could take them out and she said it was fine... like others have said just make sure the scissors/knife are clean and you clean the wound afterwards.
  8. How much will it cost if you do it wrong and infect the wound?
  9. The Lonious Monk

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    Nothing, silly. You just take a knife and cut off the infected areas. Piece of cake.
  10. No wonder they call you lot Septics. ;)
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  11. The Lonious Monk

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    It's hard to argue against that when you have shit like this going on in America:

    It's more like, yeah, fuck. I'm with you fuckers on that name.
  12. gabbiadini1

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    Update. Took them out at home. Took less than a minute. No pain. Money saved :cool: Thanks for all your advice and comments!
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  13. The Lonious Monk

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    Well done. Much respect from your fellow American
  14. gabbiadini1

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    Don’t start!
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    It cracks me up how many people on here thought you were American. I let it be, now, promise. :D
  16. gabbiadini1

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    :lol: Cheers!
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  17. I took mine out after my vasectomy. No issue at all.
  18. Wilfy

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    What size are your slippers marra?

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