Taking stitches out yourself

Discussion in 'SMB' started by gabbiadini1, Jan 9, 2019.

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    Happened to me. Had an accident in work one night and wound up with multiple deep cuts very close to my eye, on the inside of the top of my nose. Sat in A and E for 5 and a half hours to be told "well, don't do it again" and sent on my way.

    I'd have been fuming but I got out of night shift and there was a canny 9/11 documentary on
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  3. Are you right handed? You'll need to be able wield very sharp scissors with the left hand.
    Ah, I just saw your recent post about using your left hand.
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  4. nyron4england

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    the nhs is a disaster when it comes to organisation.
  5. Skandhaless

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    Just chop your hand off mate,
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    Oooh look at me! I'm desperate for a wank.

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    For fucks sale that's ludicrous

    Watch a Youtube video first
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    Who put the stitches in? An out of work sail maker or mail sack stitcher?
  9. dred

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    Done it a couple of times using my teeth
  10. peil

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    Rough as fuck job that, Frankenstein's Monster would be embarrassed to show them
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    Looks nicely sealed, lovely pink colour (sorry, color) showing good blood flow and no signs of undue swelling so no infection. Stitches ready to come (leave it any longer and they will develop too much adhesion and will be as painful as hell to pull through). Bit of alcohol surface soak / wipe and over your knife blade or scissors then then, looking at the stitches, I would cut close to the skin nearer to the wrist - as you want as little surface suture as you can to get pulled underneath the skin and it looks easier to cut there than at the top edge above the knots.

    Afterward you will need to be careful as the wound is sealed but isn't beyond being torn open if you move the thumb about too much so you might want to put a thumb splint on it for 5 to 7 days.

    Probably just the remains of the maggots they used to clean the wound ;)
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    Please get that done proffesionally mate, you can usually pay in installments. No one will have a damn if you are legal or not.
  13. The Lonious Monk

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    I've had a great many stiches in my lifetime (skateboarding) and I've always taken them out myself. I admit that when I was younger, it wasn't in the most sterile and cleanest of manners but I've been a lot more careful in my old age.

    Probably not a good thing to do, though.


    That must have been one intense self-love session, pal

    Guilty as charged. When I go skating, I always have a bottle of superglue handy because it's great for sealing up deep cuts to stop the bleeding. I've done a lot of self-first-aid on myself for many years.

    If lush means great, then I agree
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    Cheers for the advice. It’s colour. I’m not a murican!
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    Hey are we still going to the rodeo on Sunday? I can't tell you how nice it is to find another American on here... oh, wait, was I supposed to PM you that? Damn.
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  17. I'd have them out myself, cut and pull.
  18. nyron4england

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    where you at then?
  19. Teed

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    Done it loads of times, just make sure it's clean, snip the stitch then grab the knot with tweezers and pull it through.
  20. PTR

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    I pulled them out of my gums a few years back (wisdom tooth extraction), but they were dissolvable ones, so if I missed anything, it didn't matter. And I had a follow up appointment where I knew it would get checked.

    Had them in my head when I was younger, and fuck me, getting them out hurt more than the accident - blood everywhere. I looked like Terry Butcher.

    I wouldn't risk it if they're not dissolvable ones.

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