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Discussion in 'SMB' started by niceonemarra, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. niceonemarra

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  2. Parkmaverick

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    This thread started 2nd Dec - has the food not arrived yet
  3. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger


    rats ass isn't on the menu but kebab meat is and that's probably worse

    Have to describe with words as RTG isn't pic friendly yet.

    What was your last takeaway delivery meal marra?

    No Vegans!
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  4. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    Hot & Spicy Pizza, 12" 7.20
    + Thin crust 0.00
    Garlic Mayonnaise 1.20

    SUBTOTAL 8.40
    Delivery fee 2.00
    Service charge 0.50
    Total paid by MASTERCARD £10.90

    1. Order confirmed
    2. Thumbs-up from the restaurant.
    3. On its way
      Your order is with the delivery driver.

    4. Enjoy your food
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  5. Makcem Crihs

    Makcem Crihs Goalkeeper

    Where have you ordered from?
  6. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

  7. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Is it really you?
  8. Makcem Crihs

    Makcem Crihs Goalkeeper

    Certainly is buddy ;)

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  9. Disco_Pants93

    Disco_Pants93 Winger

    Someone on my twitter feed from Sunderland just got a 28" Kebab wrap delivered. How is that even a thing?? :lol::lol:
  10. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Good to see you back - all good?
  11. Makcem Crihs

    Makcem Crihs Goalkeeper

    iFry on Hlyton road do a 24" wrap that is really 12".

    Cheeky fuckers just use the circumference

    All is good mate, wasn't guna get back on without using another account. It's been a couple of years I think :oops:
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  12. Disco_Pants93

    Disco_Pants93 Winger

    :lol::lol::lol: Still though, a 12" wrap will be more than enough shite to put in your body.
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  13. Makcem Crihs

    Makcem Crihs Goalkeeper

    Just a normal wrap mate but yes it is enough :lol:
  14. Slow joe

    Slow joe Midfield

    Sounds incredible that .
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  15. DonaldDownTheWing

    DonaldDownTheWing Central Defender

    Dhillons at Garden Farm in chester’s wraps are fucking massive.

    About a foot long but easily the circumference of a tennis ball.
  16. Makcem Crihs

    Makcem Crihs Goalkeeper

    I love takeaways.

    This thread would be gold if it was up to me
  17. Nee chips?
  18. Makcem Crihs

    Makcem Crihs Goalkeeper

    Chips from any takeaway are shite
  19. Disagree strongly. I have a number which are excellent.
  20. Makcem Crihs

    Makcem Crihs Goalkeeper

    Excellent chips from a takeaway?

    I'm guna go out on a limb and say impossible

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