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Discussion in 'SMB' started by niceonemarra, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Make me zipperheed.
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    Alreet Jolene hun
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    :eek: Reported
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    @niceonemarra is a known grass anyway !
  6. Seems a canny enough lad.
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  8. I just paid £17.05 tonight for mine in Seaham.

    10" Donner supreme pizza £6.95
    Chips £1.95
    Garlic sauce (small) £1.20
    Tango ice blast £3.95
    Delivery £2.50
    Service charge £0.50

    Extortionate by all account, not fussed though as it'a convenient and helps with the hangover!
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  9. Boinger

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    Looks cold.
  10. The Rat

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    I remember at Uni I'd get a 12 inch and a can of coke for 3 quid,was lush too

    Aye money goes out of the window when you are rough.
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  11. It’s the thing small businesses had to introduce to cover the card transaction fee the E.U kindly abolished. Without taking into account that small businesses still have to pay these fees to the card providers

    Well done Brussels.
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  13. niceonemarra

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    Geordies pizza its in Horden.
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    Can't believe there are adults who admit to eating donner meat.
  15. Slow joe

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    Eh ? I've never known of a kid to like it to be honest. I love it me, had some on Fri night when I finished work.
  16. Had some on Saturday night pissed up
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    If you can't believe that, I bet you're in a constant state of shock with other things in the world.
  18. tunstallhill

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    I can't believe it mate

    I meant human. I would feel guilty giving it to a dog.
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    Just Eat are hardly a small company, and it's them that takes the 50p, not the takeaway.
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    It was actually, it needed putting in the oven for 5 mins but I was so hungary I just ate it, well most of it.. will be heating the rest up tonight.
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