Swearing in public

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Evil Jimmy Krankie, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. One of my pet hates. Currently on the train going to work and all I hear is others having conversations with every other word being f$&@ or c(@$. Is it really necessary?
    I get that people swear, me included, but does it really have to be part of everyday conversation?
  2. Stubbs ftm

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  3. I try not too, I hate the word **** and have rarely ever used it.
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  4. Boz33

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  5. I hate it too. It's fucking disgusting the way some people go on.
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  6. You can take your soap and shove it up your ass ;):lol:.
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  7. Old Prestonian

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    Disgusting bastards.
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  8. Boz33

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    Aye it's shocking, but then the op is a copper so you can understand c... Being used a lot in his presence :lol:

  9. mcq10

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    Hate it.

    My missus curses all the time. I’m forever telling her off for saying feck and for fecks sake in front of the bairns, she’s Irish and yes lives up to the stereotype.

    My dad who’s also from Irish parents effed and Jeffed like hell growing up. I was 20 before I heard my mother swear and that was because she dropped the turkey on Christmas Day taking it out the oven and the dog pounced on it (genuine story) :lol:
  10. Have you challenged the behaviour or is it easier and safer to bitch on here? ;)
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  11. :lol:
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  12. Lies.

    There is no chance that you would have had turkey for dinner.

    Paddies only eats spuds.
  13. Rotten Johnny

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    More fun than swearing in private.
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  14. Kubicki26

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    This lad mustn’t sit in the south stand :D
  15. You American ?
  16. Kubicki26

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    Jyst tell her to shut the fuck up mate
  17. mcq10

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    Im not Irish.

    They are my second team.

    I do love spuds tbf
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  18. Aye.
  19. mcq10

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    Nah I just smash her in the face with the yellow pages.

    Leaves no marks......
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