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Sussex putting Surrey to the sword.

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by brandon, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Bri

    Bri Winger

    Saw the clip of borthwick taking his only wicket yesterday. A c+b from a really poor drag down, it's amazing how many wicket he's got from those. But although he's not a reliable spinner he's a good batsman ..... so what's happened to him this season? His first full season for Durham as a batsman (no 3) he scored more than 1,000 runs and we won the championship, much to Colly's surprise - and he's scored a 1000 every year since, except this one.
  2. TheRey

    TheRey Goalkeeper

    I honestly don't know mate, he's been awful with the bat in all forms this season. He got a ton against Lancy at the start of the season but since then he can't seem to buy a run. Seems a bit brain-dead at time too, with both bat and ball. Batting 3 for us at Somerset, and should've been out twice in his first two balls yesterday evening!
  3. brandon

    brandon Striker

    Maybe Borthwick is missing his Nana's lunches?? :eek::lol:

    Seriously though, possibly it is a bit of homesickness - plus I don't think he or Stoneman would've expected to be in and out of the side so much.

    The benefit Surrey have is a big squad - meaning they can rotate regularly to keep lads fresh, but with both the ex-Durham lads I get the impression they want to play every game. Certainly up here in the last year or two they were pretty much nailed on to play a prominent role in all three formats - so it must be a shock to the system.

    As for Surrey and Yorkshire - personally feel they've got far too much quality not to get it right in the end. Expect both to survive.

    His current average in the CC is 31, which is probably his worst for about 5 years, if he doesn't better it come the end of the season - Surrey may look to replace him at 3.

    I can't see them getting rid of him, may just look to drop him down the order.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2017
  4. My heart's bleeding for Surrey and Yorkshire mind.... Do we not have Hants fan snarl ? :eek:
  5. DaveAngel

    DaveAngel Central Defender

    Slippery slope

    Honestly no bitterness in this post, I honestly think for cricketing reasons but was a bad move

    He was our number 1 spinner in all formats, 2nd slip, our main bat. I'm sure captaincy would have followed

    So for cricketing reasons I don't get it. But he's a young lad with a big pay rise moving to London. It'll be class lifestyle

    I reckon they will be back at some point

    If you look at the lads who have had chances, Rocky should have least been in a squad or touring party. He only got his first call up to lions this year!

    It's a shame he feels he needs to go to surrey to get noticed, someone obviously just doesn't fancy him. I think if he had got in England team he would have stayed
  6. brandon

    brandon Striker

    I said the day both of them signed it was a bad move for cricketing reasons and that I felt they were moving for reasons other than cricket anyway.

    I stand by that.

    Great point on captaincy too, think there's sense in that.

    Regarding Stoneman and England - again the argument has been made, but he would've been picked for England last year anyway if he'd have done what Jennings did. Only man to blame for not being picked is himself - granted he may have an enhanced chance at Surrey due to the geography and the politics of county cricket - but for me last season he regressed. I expected it to be a real breakout season for him, he preached about making big hundreds instead of flashy 70's but they didn't materialise.
  7. Silly Point

    Silly Point Full Back

    Good. I don't expect sympathy. I've been on here a couple of years now, because it's the best and busiest cricket forum around. Not here to shove Yorkshire's problems down your throats and never have been. When threads appear that allow me to discuss Yorkshire, like this one, I will happily take the opportunity to do it.
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  8. TheRey

    TheRey Goalkeeper

    To be fair, Rocky has been phenomenal for us. Without Kumar being in the sort of form only read about in comic books and our two openers, no doubt we'd be where Warwickshire are now.

    Seconded, from a Surrey perspective.

    I'll post about our problems on the relevant thread, and my thoughts whenever Surrey are mentioned in a different subject, but I'm just here for a bit of general cricket chat and debate
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  9. Only kidding man, I know you're both hurting...... I would draw the line at a Hants fan though !
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  10. TheRey

    TheRey Goalkeeper

    Borthwick fails again...:rolleyes:
  11. Struts

    Struts Midfield

    Always said if Borthwick actually cared about his spin bowling he would've went to Lancs or Notts.

  12. DaveAngel

    DaveAngel Central Defender

    Another decent score for Rocky

    Really annoys me, keep seeing in all the papers "but management have doubts about Stoneman at international level"

    What and they didn't about absolute garbage like Dawson, Malan and Vince. Who were picked by Bayliss on 20/20 form
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  13. TheRey

    TheRey Goalkeeper

    In terms of his bowling, the fact that when he plays we used 19 year old Virdi over him says a lot.

    At Taunton he only bowled 4 overs (and got a wicket by virtue of a rank long hop) and it says it all that Dom Sibley would be thrown the ball more often than Borthwick before he left.

    I really don't wanna make it seem like I'm anxious to put the lad down, I had a chat with him at a Gareth Batty testimonial night at the start of the season and he seems a nice lad and I want anyone who plays for us to succeed, but he has genuinely been awful.
  14. Silly Point

    Silly Point Full Back

    Rematch today on Sky. Pietersen already talking shite. Roy in the Test side FFS :lol:
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  15. brandon

    brandon Striker

    So can we sort it out? You speak to Stewy, I'll fire an email to Beefy - Borthwick back to Durham for £18 a Nana Borthwick plate mince pie and a litre of mushy peas??

    Loved him as a batsman, hate when he opens his mouth. Shite.
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  16. TheRey

    TheRey Goalkeeper

    I'll cover the train fare mate!:D
  17. Bri

    Bri Winger

    Costs more going North. That's cos it's uphill of course.

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