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  1. Tex

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    You missed a bit when you were shaving mate. Reckon if you took them shades off you’d be able to see better.

    Never had Oakleys but they are supposed to have decent lenses. Mind SOME RayBans have glass lenses, I think most Wayfarers and aviators do, which are always gonna be superior to plastic although plastic (polycarb) has got a lot better recently.
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  2. Tadger

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    Never heard that one before.
  3. Oakley 5 Squared kept in the car. Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Shooter (both tortoiseshell) for all other times.
  4. I had a pair of Randolph Engineering proper US air force pilot sunglasses from a PX store on a US base in Greece for about twenty five years but some fucker stole them. They're fantastic quality and built to last, they repair them for free on a lifetime warranty basis if I remember correctly. They're just about in your price range.
  5. monkeytassle

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    It's like watches. You buy sunglasses fro firms that deal in eye protection. It's like buying an armani watch. Stupid.

    I only have and have ever had bolle, Oakley and bans
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  6. MackneyHackem

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    Ray Ban from personal experience.

    Tom Ford and Persol seem to have some decent models too.
  7. I've got some prescription Karl Lagerfelds. They're top notch.
  8. Chesterladmackem

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    Book a holiday to Turkey and get some top notch designer snides for £6
  9. The Butcher

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    Anyone bought prescription shades online? Recommends?
  10. My last 2 pairs have been bolle
    1st pair lasted me over 10 yrs and only got the 2nd pair as the first pair got lost one day at work. The must have fell off my head at some point.
    Wrap round type and cost about £70 a pair. Polarised lenses for fishing and they fit well as I wear them nearly every day when the weather is bright.
  11. Slow joe

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    How much are you selling the drill for ?
  12. FootballFan

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    give yer head a shake

    some of the posts on here even worse mind
  13. Who wears sunglasses in the uk .?when I go abroad yes but at home no .

    Seen a gadgie with a pair on yesterday :eek:
  14. Dennis

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    Not even for driving?
  15. Slow joe

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    Well that gadgie for starters.
  16. the boot

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    What a terrible thread.
    On the three days a year we have sun put ya fucking hand above your eyes to cast a shadow.
    If driving use the sun visor.

    Next thing we know it'll be. What factor sun cream do you wear when your in the Bahamas? Oh I don't go to the Bahamas it's full of scratters who will try and pinch my Rolex watches as I wear two, a pilot one and a diving one so I never have to take them off. Even for bed.

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    Give your husband his phone back dear.
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  18. Never ever
  19. the boot

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    Nee sleep again!!! Ratty as fuck.
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