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  1. Teed

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    Only wear sunglasses when I'm driving and usually on a couple of times a year, when the suns very low, got a pair of ray ban that I wear on holidays abroad, but just cheap ones for the car.
  2. bernardbresslaw

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    I bought some Ray Bens in Barcelona. They were fine when it was overcast but the minute the sun came out the lenses went milky and you couldn't see a thing. I think they were probably copies.
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  3. oyoysaveloy

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    Rayban Wrap Aviators bit pricey but well worth it
  4. dangermows

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    Should only be worn indoors :cool:
  5. Tadger

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    With a scarf.
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  6. Can't beat Oakleys for wearing all day - they weigh nothing so don't cause any discomfort.
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  8. Dave Herbal

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    Oakley optics are pretty amazing mind. I’m currently on my second pair of gold iridium lensed geps (only cos I lost the first ones while mortal) and you can wear in any light conditions from bright sun to overcast/dusk and still see perfectly. I wear them to drive every day as well as cycling, holidays and general use and the two pairs have lasted me over 15 years.

    I’m always suspect of designer brands that you’re paying for the name/frame design rather than the optics. Oakleys come with a sheet of sciencey stuff explaining how all the lenses differ and what’s best for different conditions. Guccis come in a nice box.
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  9. mini-x2

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    This. Can’t beat them for the way they look.
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  10. Hawkers are a very decent price and very decent sunglasses
  11. Tex

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    Don’t call me a liar son. I couldn’t function outdoors or driving without sunglasses.
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  12. king of the road

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    Nonsense. 50 years ago maybe. Tom Ford was hardly a shoemaker was he?
  13. Kevj

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    I've been considering a set of these Dave.

    Sunglasses & Sport Goggles - Ryders Eyewear
  14. Tex

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    Well done for completely missing the point that ought to be absolutely clear.
  15. king of the road

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    I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Please enlighten me.
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    There must be a market for either of them...
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    Soz dad :p
  18. Tadger

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    The Boyos.
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  19. Teejay

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    I’ve a pair of Oakleys for running and Ray Bans for the rest of the time. Both polarised. The ray bans are a thousand times better lens.
  20. Got a pair of Hugo Boss wayfarer for free at spec savers as my second pair when I bought some new glasses. :cool:

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