Sunderland's the BEST place to live in the country

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Linny, Nov 9, 2018.

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    So to summarise, it's the best place for under 30's to live as long as they move away ?
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    The first article says it should be the best place to live on the basis of it having cheap houses. However that isn’t backed up by the age of the population that lives here who appear to be moving away in droves when they’re young for better jobs etc.
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    Positive news about Sunderland and the first two replies knock the place.
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    I’ve often said on here the cost of living in Sunderland is superb, especially house prices. The lads I used to manage from all over the UK were astounded at the cost of my 4 bed detached, especially the lad from Slough who was looking at 2 bed flats for more.

    Schools are great, I’ve got all the entertainment I need in the city, great green spaces to go with the dog, cracking beaches.

    Not sure of the job situation mind, there are enough low to middle income jobs I suppose for the younger ones, but I’ve had to build a career outside the city for the past 23 years...maybes things have changed?
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    Sorry first three replies.
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    I'm yet to be convinced that my reply was knocking the place.
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    "As long as they move away"
    Sounds like a dig to me.
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    Still yet to be convinced. I thought it was more just a bit of a laugh over the first two posts completely contradicting each other. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm not sure now.
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    Ok mate I'll give you the benefit of doubt.
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    You’d think bearing in mind the cost of houses and availability of land/empty properties not to mention labour the government or companies looking to expand would look at the city.

    I worked in Leeds for years, it was a bit of a shithole when I started there in 1988 but it transformed over the years due to investment & companies moving there and it’s a totally different city now.
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    Thank you.
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    That’s why somewhere like the Vaux site is critical to this city...we need to attract high end jobs to the city, it’s flooded with lower paid jobs, but for city improvement we need people in the area with plenty disposable income and build a city to want them to spend it in the city.

    I was at risk of redundancy this year and started the job hunt, job searches had plenty jobs in Newcastle and to a lesser extent Durham, with none suitable in Sunderland, and when they did crop up from time to time, they were offering £15k a year less than other areas.

    Leeds was awash with jobs, but I couldn’t move away.
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  15. The transport links need to be upgraded significantly. Leeds station has 17 platforms and is served by 2 motorways plus the A1(M). Sunderland has massive potential but needs to be more accessible in order to unlock that potential
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    It’s hardly knocking the place to put a quantitative article into a qualitative context.

    Yes Sunderland has cheap houses and therefore a better standard of living when compared to the national average income. However young people are moving away in droves. This is a fact. It has below average employment, below average life expectancy and below average incomes.

    Just because you can buy a cheap house it doesn’t change any of that.
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  18. Le Chuck

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    Sunderland has a light local railway, Leeds doesnt.

    One of the other things mentioned in article was commuting. The traffic (even in rush hour) isnt that bad. Newcastle is horrific, Durham isnt too bad but still worse than Sunderland.
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  19. :lol::lol:

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