+++|||*** Sunderland V Rochdale ***|||+++


Haven't dared read it. I might be guessing, but I suspect that any similarity between the match I watched and the one described would be entirely coincidental.
Possibly the worst one yet for whining and bitching , even when we were ahead. The usual suspects outdid themselves last night , honestly they have always been embarrassing but last night, FFS man, just after our second goal went in there were comments like " this is total shit , possibly the worst manager we have ever had , he needs sacking asap " .


I've watched or attended every game so far and I believe our biggest problem is that we lose individual battles/tackles every time. Literally every other team seem to be stronger in the tackle or more willing to get the ball.
I do however think we have the best players in the league and our quality inevitably shows through the likes of McGeady/Maguire/Leadbitter etc.

Genuinely don't know how this season will end up, but hopeful.