Sunderland Uni cyber attack

How would anyone benefit from doing this? Foridiots like me that don’t understand
Loads of reasons:

Shits and giggles.

General malevolence.

if it’s a ransomware attack then it’ll be the hope of being paid a ransom.

if it’s a novel attack that they have discovered themselves then it can lead to highly paid jobs on cybersecurity.
How would anyone benefit from doing this? For idiots like me that don’t understand

ransomware is the main thing these days. Encrypt a load of servers, say pay us £500,000 (I'm guessing about this kind of figure) in bitcoin and we'll give you the key and not release any of your data.
Imagine hacking a University? Ffs
newcastle and northumbria were hit this time last year. The education sector is getting targeted. Mind you, I interviewed for a bank recently and their practices were not far off what ours were pre-cyber attack.... I decided against that.
Well how did they manage the twitter post?

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:lol: I suppose the same way the managed the gmail mailbox they've created to give students a way of contacting them