Sunderland "travellers"?

Bob Fleming

The last 20 years or so they’re like an epidemic.
When I was a kid the only people classed as Gypsies were Romany types, the women would knock on your door selling flowers or oddly enough pegs.
There’s clearly loads of travellers who with the open borders have moved over from Ireland in fairly recent times.
Add those to the plastic ones and they’ve sprung up all over the place.
Their horses seem to be tethered all over the County Durham landscape.
That open border that has existed since like forever?

Loads are UK born. But still have that knacker Irish accent.


Back in Sunderland for a bit, went down the seafront today and spotted a convoy of them at Seaburn near the cemetery behind the former Pullman's Lodge. Horses, Caravans and the traditional wagon.

Marty Moose

That gypo pouring a can of carling down his horse's throat man :D

The horse was loving it mind, necking it like nobody's business


Reserve Squad
Fat kid told several times to slow down on his horse just come crashing off it, serves him right.


Don't know how the coppers can be fucked with it. I'd be itching to tazer every one of the cheeky, belligerent scruffy bastards
Coppers, restaurant workers, pub staff, door staff, council, hotel staff, ambulance staff, hospital staff for gonks falling off nags, RSPCA, and others.

What a chuff on.

Earlier there was a wifey on saying they know how to handle horses in the river. Aye, apart from the one allowed to drown.

I wouldn't live there for a golden pig.