Sunderland train station

Discussion in 'SMB' started by forzamilansafc, Jan 13, 2019.

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    Still up in Central Station in Newcastle as well
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    Copying off us..obsessed..we are their world..etc..
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  4. SHARED xx
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  5. Lens been in touch, apparently Julie Elliot’s Nanna’s dog walker owns a Christmas Tree hire company,
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  6. cluffy

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    Cos Roy Wood's seized control of the station
  7. Hep

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    ^^^ - this, it's more like a sewer.
  8. The council are probably still on holiday.
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    Are Network Rail as well?
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  10. :lol:
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  11. Lord Potts

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    Because Sunderland is on a branch line.
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    Holidays tree.
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    So Sunderland Station could get £12.6 million spent on it, but Newcastle Station could have £18.6 million spent on improvements, both funded by the Transforming Cities Fund ( sounds like a Simple Minds track)

    I know Newcastle Station is the hub of the railway system in the area, but given Sunderland Station needs knocking down and starting again, a more equal share must be justified.
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    Christmas lights switch on next week.
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  15. To see which knacker would start a thread about it.
  16. Grammar Police

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    Especially when they're railway stations...
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    They should just build a new one inbetween yates and the railway club.
    The current one would take so much money to bring it up to standard
    Need to focus on getting better services southerly out of the city centre as the metro has put Sunderland in a cul-de-sac clogging up the railway to the east coast main line
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  18. Lord Potts

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    Erm .. well Sunderland station was knocked down and started again in the 1960's :oops::oops:
    The main entrance at the north end in High Street West which had a limestone cobbled portico entrance with a French Gothic clock tower ticket offices,waiting rooms and parcel offices was deemed to be too old fashioned and not worthy of repair or restoration so they just knocked it down. The grotty south entrance which had been bombed in 1940 was replace with the unimaginative monstrosity that we have now and became the only and main entrance in 1966.

    People arriving at Sunderland by rail these days must be very unimpressed. I don't think that the people of Sunderland will ever get their French Gothic clock tower back but they deserve a little better than what they have at the moment. A modern building seems to be on the cards but let's have one that celebrates the identity of the city so that the traveller knows where they have arrived.
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    Beeching strikes again.
  20. Fletch

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    needs to be a direct link to durham also

    the station itself is an absolute shithole
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