Sunderland train station


V I a g r a for trees
Think special b r a n c h is investigating
(Words together not spaced)
Put that up but got a msg saying waiting for mods approval


Why is the Christmas tree still up?
That part of Sunderland hasn’t adopted the Gregorian calendar as of yet, so it’s only New Year today for them. It’s something to do with the station being built on the site of a monastery.

Give them a week and it’ll be gone.


Because the proper Christmas festival only ended today (if you are actually religious and Christmas is meant to be)?
The Christmas projection lights were still on High Street on Tuesday night. The bairn noticed them and commented. Can't remember if they were still on when we walked up there on Saturday night though.
It's not a Christmas tree. Not allowed to call it a Christmas tree anymore, therefore as it's just a tree, they can keep it there indefinitely