Sunderland Station Skins

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Fletch, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Pickles used to get on the Man Utd buses to go down there mid to late eighties too.
  2. Herberthall

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    Know everyone of them, i was to young to join. ;)

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  4. Sneech

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    Always thought he was a bully tbh Fletch, there were a few stations who went casual and would knock about down Seaburn, Frankie Hinder(?) And seemed alright. But Hunta was always a bit of bonehead who picked on younger kids. Him and his mate Mel iirc brayed a couple of my mates outside of Jonnie's for fuck all. He wasn't so brave when my mates dar went after him with a chair leg.
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  5. I got on with Hunter really well and found him a canny lad in my experience but did see him as a rogue and a bit of a daft lad. But I did not know that side of him and I could imagine he was like as you say.
    I remember his and his lasses name and their love was scrawled with massive letters in gloss paint next to the bridge and graffiti pen all all owa declaring the love.:lol:
  6. Sneech

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    Didn't really know him and didn't want to. He once chucked a bottle at me from a bus window, nee idea why like :lol:
  7. :lol::lol:
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    No mate that was burnsy. Hunter was deed before that.
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    They still meet up in the Chester’s now and again my brother goes, not as many as they used to get but still 20 or so, quite a few lasses as well.
  10. Fletch

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    fuck me... aye it was !! @tunstall birdman can you remember burnsy , thats who i was thinking of all the time , he seemed a canny lad , nee idea about hunter :lol:

    edit... @tunstall birdman was tadges brother Ginge one of the station lot or not ?
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  11. I remember the name, I'm trying to picture his face?

    Aye, Ginge was a station Skin. (Second from the front right, with the white T-shirt on.)


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