Sunderland railway station.

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Ferryhill getting a new station anarl. I take it they are going to reopen the leemside line?
Just a feasibility study at the moment. Along with consett into Newcastle.

ashginton/blyth into Newcastle will be the only major rail reopening up here over the next few decades IMO.

A bit of daylight or any natural light would do wonders for Sunderland station. It’s not that bad a station platform wise for a small provincial city - though could do with a wait here for metro sign on the platforms.

The big issue is the terrible rail links, not helped by metro being about as reliable as a Morris Marina
I think the station should be moved south towards where the civic is and take it off the metro lines completely. From a site there passengers would have direct access to Parklane interchange
definitely agree.......sadly I think the current station will get a lick of paint makeover with a lot of the £16m disappearing into the ether as consultancy fees. It’s the usual modus operandi

Big Jeff

I don’t know. But in reality, they should completely demolish it and start again.
It’s a very unappealing building but don’t know if 16m is enough to cover starting again.

Anything is better than what’s there now so it’s very good news.