BBC Sunderland: Michael Dell and American investors seek to take over League One side


Things definitely can go wrong, but must be very far along the line for the club to (presumably) authorise RR and ALS to release the info. Doubt they'd want to risk getting our hopes up if it wasn't nearly a done deal
That's my mind thought. I just can't get even a teeny bit excited until it's signed, sealed and buried in Fort Knox vaults.
Even if it's 99% along the line it's still not done. Sorry like but I'm going with caution.
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Sunderland at say Ā£50m and Newcastle at say Ā£350m, an investor would go for Sunderland, historically fairly even clubs, being objective for a minute, and Sunderland's ground probably has more potential if needed with 49,000 capable of being increased to 63,000.