Sunderland man's anger as seafront bid rejected


The fact that he wanted a 2 year break clause would probably have been the deal breaker, particularly if others haven’t required that - saying that some of the other bidders may not have been as quite clued up. The other problem is that presumably everyone would think their idea is the best and we haven’t seen the alternatives yet.
I was thinking along these lines when I read it. Does anyone who's ever missed out on a tender they've put in to the council get an interview in the Echo?

His version of 'class and quality' included motorised wheelchairs and £1 lollies for the bairns.
Can't beat an angry Sunderland man as click bait
What does it say as it won't open up apart from first line of article


Thats hilarious.
It does sound as though there are some high quality bids in for this.
A mate of mine is and if it goes down to experience and a good record he's a shoe in. But I know of another that sounds great too.
Some people just wanted to open another coffee shop ffs.
Will there be electric scooters though?


" But Mr Wilson, who said “we had them queueing around the block” when he was manager of city centre bar and cafe Luma "


Luma was always empty when we walked past unless it used to get busy after midnight?
I thought that like.
Don’t think I’ve ever saw more than a handful of people in there.
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He's dismissive of the idea of another coffee shop, but another coffee shop would be more upmarket than his 'classy' idea


Scooters, cheap ice cream and bike tests? Why ambassador you are spoiling us...

I thought he was opening some sort of champagne bar or posh nosh takeaway.

The problem down there is that it's bloody freezing 80% of the year so your only catering for a few sunny weekends a year.

Bob Fleming

A very good standard restaurant would be nice.
That is what we will end up with IF it's given to one of the two good bids I know about. I'd be gabberflasted if they give it to a coffee shop bid but I do know they got those too.
Will there be electric scooters though?
Nitrogen powered. And that is why this bid will win. Nitrogrannie races across the sands at low tide. All while the kids lick 99p lollies.
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Break clauses are quite normal so I don’t think that is a stumbling block , it’s his business plan which has let him down , clearly the council know what they want as a business in one of their units, unfortunately it’s not him in this instance.

To plead in the Echo won’t help his cause regardless of pulling on the emotional kids ice creams for a quid.

Good for the council I say.


Reserve Squad
The usual morons are all over this on FB, decrying the labour council for having no ambition and doing nothing in Sunderland.
I mean who wouldn’t want a Marbella style place where you get your bike fixed while hiring low cost mobility scooters...? The business plan writes itself
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Goat Eyes

Sounds like he doesn’t know what he wants.

I think the hire of things such as electric bikes, body boards, SUP and wet suits, electric scooters would be a decent addition instead of somewhere else to eat. But it’s seasonal so would need to find something to see them through the winter.