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    Correct, my error there, just found this about his comeback job after he'd resigned, head of scrutiny on contracts, how ironic, didn't realise Russell Foster was involved in the original investigation?
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    what premise did he have at offerton. it was ad as previously mentioned. he did get time as did a good few of his employees. the only one who didn't was his son md, as he was put in to run the business so not to put a boatload of people on the dole. don't know anything about a son who got jail for sex offences

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    It was the councillor who's son was a sex offender, taxi driver assaulted a couple of female passengers.
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    sorry misunderstood, thought you were on about the construction family
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    Me fatha knew him as they both drank in the same club in Silky. Wasn't a fan.
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    Can't tell you. Would have to kill you mate.

    Tbf you quoted JD as Davidson's construction.
    Donnelly got done for placing work their way iirc, he used to get the use of the villa in Malta.
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    They must get a Drive like an arsehole course before getting in the vans
  8. Had one or two chances to go work for Sunderland housing group /Gentoo when I was in my 20's.Not something I wanted on my CV tbh as there is definitely a stigma of lads being useless lazy kernts who have /do work there.
    Not all will be like that I know ,but the stereotype does exist .
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    He's talking about the other one involved.

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