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  2. Canny confession there.
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  3. The Polly Wolly Doodle! I had an industrial unit next door to the PWD and everybody working there were the biggest bunch of crooks you can imagine. If it wasn't nailed down they'd have it away. I caught somebody in one of my vans ripping the stereo out, battered him and chucked him in one of their skips. Turned out to be one of the gaffers.
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    Nothing like a dodgy contract here & there, remember when Davison's got the road tarmacing contract, got caught doing councillor's drive & specifically the then leader of the council's drive at Silksworth, Davison's at Offerton got raided & J.D put himself into Cherry Knowle to evade prosecution. Some years later his son got jailed for sex offences & killed himself when he got out, you'll not find anything on this on the net, the echo never even mentioned it, JD was a leading freemason aswell, I know that as he was in the same lodge as my dad, not saying that's a factor , but it's there!
  5. He definitely did time inside at some point. For yet another massive ongoing fiddle with the council. It was so big he even had to change the name of the firm. :)
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    Jimmy the old bugger is long dead, I did nick his black book for a laugh one day, I had to chuck it back in his van as his angina was kicking into a full on heart attack
  7. JH?
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    Bbc1 north east if your not in the area, should be on iplayer soon enough
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    They were all at it, well known pub landlord, had the borough, dun cow & Derry last seen in Cleadon got sacked, garage full of joinery gear

    Aye class was Jimmy
  10. If it's the JH I'm thinking of I dont know one person who'd describe him as "class". Mewling little shitehawk who spent more time trying to catch lads knocking off 1/2 hour early than doing his own job, maybe. Me Da was offered £200 to knick his little black book by a certain site manager from Sacriston.
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    SC = corruption of the highest.
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    I was wondering how long it would take before the Sacriston Mafia got a mention, Billy & his boys were defo up to no good, wish he'd asked me to get the black book, lol.
    Jimmy was only class as he let me & my mate get away with murder, he was too busy clocking everyone else & took no notice but of what we got up to.
  13. There's a blast from the past! :lol:

    Billy used to have his "own" containers. I remember a delivery from John Carr doors turning up and him saying (after asking "how many?")... "Put half in this one and the other half in there marra" (his cabin). He even had his son (apprentice joiner) chopping and bagging brand new floorboards to sell as fire sticks in his shop.
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  14. They should be making their stock decent places to live instead of paying folks off ffs - I've got shit single glazed windows, they're disgraceful, damp and the drafts are horrific............don't think they're due to be replaced for god knows how long, grrr :evil:.
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    Sure they were all related or should I say interbred somewhere along the line:lol:
  16. Aye probably. Billy was great with me because me fatha was an old head and he respected him. Pull a favour for Billy to get the contract back on programme and he'd often book you in for Saturday overtime to keep you sweet. A great feeling being paid to sleep off a Friday night hangover.;):cool:

    What years were you there marra? I started my apprenticeship in '88 so we may have crossed paths. If not with me, then more than likely with me fatha (especially if you worked sites rather than depots) who was there from early/mid '70s iirc.
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    82 to 92, escaped from JH's clutches in 87 though, hahaha.
    I remember Billy fancying a flat top haircut like one of the apprentice brickies had so he went to hair by david at the barnes to get it cut, came in the next day it was horrendous, can't describe it, basically a back to front flat top, everyone was taking the piss, he went off it, went back to the barbers & ploated the lad who cut it & then made him crop it all off:D:D:D
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    Comedy gold, the whole raggy arsed lot of them
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  19. The "ploated the lad" was more than likely some "Billy" bullshit. I remember his flat-top and his phase of dying it jet black.

    Did you work the Farringdon contract?

    JH was a proper little no-mark mind. Tried to stitch me fatha up (because me Da knew everything he was in to) and me fatha put him owa the bonnet of his Peugeot van by his throat. Dad Leg is not a violent gadgie by any means. Jimmy shit his pants.
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    Who is JD?
    AD owned it, sons MD,GD. Daughter LD.
    Hence MGL quarries and demolition after AD construction was no more after the council carry on.

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