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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Fletch, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Fletch

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    bbc1 730 , about dodgy financial payments within Sland gentoo ?
  2. daedalus

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    Gentoo corruption, social services ineptitude, gagging orders and allegations of corruption in the council. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in some shady mafia- run former satelite state of the USSR.
  3. AlpineExile

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    Giving a million to the deputy boss when he resigned does sound a bit dodgy, like.

    As does doing 400,000 worth of work on his Durham (note, Durham, not Sunderland) house for free.
  4. daedalus

    daedalus Winger

    Didn't Peter Walls get a massive pay off too?
  5. heroesof73

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    Well done ex Sunlun Council
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  6. AlpineExile

    AlpineExile Striker

    Who he?
  7. daedalus

    daedalus Winger

    Former head of Sunderland housing- founder ceo.
  8. EchoMan

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    And all because it's more efficient to contact out services to the private sector.
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  9. MackemMafia
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  10. They did get to buy Sunderland council's entire housing stock for basically a year's rental income. If they'd opened it up to competitive bidding instead of handing it over to a bunch of ex-council people in a fait accompli I'm sure they could have made more money for the council than that. There definitely would have been one or two higher bids like. Plenty of people would have agreed to maintain at least the standards/rents that Gentoo signed up to and would have offered more than a few thousand a property.
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  11. itscoldinhere

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    7 grand per house I think I read somewhere
  12. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    Another example of privatisation being corrupt and driving prices up.
  13. As much as that?
  14. itscoldinhere

    itscoldinhere Winger

    Must be just a little bit at the end
  15. Exactly. A miniature Carillon in the making, dodgy as hell

    You watching the wrong programme ? It's been on
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  16. itscoldinhere

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    BBC 1 ?
    I’m sitting watching it?
    Must of been on when I went in the kitchen
  17. Hank Scorpio

    Hank Scorpio Midfield

    Tbf mate, the gagging order stuff is just Facebook bullshit.
  18. daedalus

    daedalus Winger

    Been all over the press, about millions paid out to former employees. Isn't there some report about to be published?
  19. artful splodger

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    Having worked for Gentoo's forerunner the PWD for 10 yrs early 80's onwards, everyone from top to bottom was on the fiddle, corruption was indemic, when I started one of directors had been clinked & another left the UK for Saudi to escape prosecution, basically running a construction company with council labour , materials & plant. My gaffer at the time was involved but kept a book on what went on & when the shit hits the fan he grassed the lot & kept his job. The dodgy building jobs still kept going afterwards & Jimmy kept note in his book. I'm no loopy Len fan club member, but it's been rife at the council for years & it's just passed its way through to Gentoo, big pay offs & backhanders. Feel sorry for the tenants, suckered again by false promises & rising rents.
  20. Fletch

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    3900 council houses demolished and only 1600 built ?!! One high councillor relative had contract for much of the demolition .. hmmmm
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