Sunderland Council putting up allotment rents by 60%

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Butcher's Coat, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. I'm Spartacus

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    Buy British idiotic! What the fuck is wrong with you?
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  2. lurker

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    For all his faults, Jeremy Corbyn would never have let this happen.

    Well done any allotment owners who voted for the Tory scum
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  3. vinegar hill

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    It’s for nowt if ya ask me.
  4. yorkyexile

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    Look at the poster and the word British...
    Not just SDC though all councils seem to be being arseholes lately. stuff that should be coming good in austerity are being left to rot out of no more than spite. Markets, Allotments, amenities for people who are staying at home like parks and museums etc
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  5. seahamstar

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    ..Which is exactly what the Tories are brainwashing folk into believing.
    It's not Councils that are being aresholes, it's Tory cuts that are making it nigh on impossible to finance ESSENTIAL services, never mind anything else.
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  6. How's it wrong? The council either own the land or lease it and are providing a service which costs. If people don't or won't pay there will be others who will I'm sure.

    Not sure why all residents should subsidise a hobby for those who have allotments. The council don't pay anything towards my season ticket!
  7. It would be worth any amount to be married to Felicity Kendall.
  8. Butcher's Coat

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    Quite simply - my tenancy agreement states that the price rise shall be no more than 5% -NOT 60%.

    As mentioned before, they provide NO SERVICE - they do sweet FA to my allotment - they simply rake in my ground rent every year, and do nowt in return.

    Don't know marra.
    I shall be asking this on Monday
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  9. Hodgie1979

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    I know what you mean mate fair enough...
  10. Paddy O'Dors

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    5% per month = 60% per year. Should have read the smallprint. ;)
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  11. Butcher's Coat

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  12. duff_man

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    The council are obliged to provide land for allotments where there is demand under the allotments act

    Go down and protest now, the echo will be down for a photo straight away, councils always take protestors more seriously than a man asking questions
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  13. Don’t forget the glum face for the photo shoot.
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  14. DurhamRifleman

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    Nail on head.
  15. duff_man

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    Either arms folded or a finger pointing at the held up new price letter
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  16. cruze

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  17. True and rightly so...but it shouldnt be free...what about those tax payers who havent an allotment - why should they subsidise your hobby?
  18. Wilfy

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    They aren’t free and how are tax payers subsidising them?
  19. Because if you arent paying the full cost of allotment sites then they are subsidising it.

    I have an allotment plot and fully understand the benefits of allotments...however I dont ask anyone to subsidy my hobby much in the same way I wouldnt ask the cooncil to pay part of my season ticket.
  20. Wilfy

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    But the council hardly touch allotments. There are about 2000 council allotments in Sunderland which will generate about £170k per year in fees. Does the council spend more than that on them?

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