Sunderland Council putting up allotment rents by 60%

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Butcher's Coat, Apr 12, 2019.

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    Reported for derailing thread.
    Austerity is pre brexit & actually most probably the cause of it not the other way round
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    Reported for being a grass.


    PS, get a sense of humour
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    If you really have reported me for being a grass, then you're going to look like a massive tit mind :lol:
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    Not if the mod in question can’t stand grasses! And I know a few that HATE them
  5. RedFlag1308

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    Got massive respect for allotments. Even as somebody that couldn’t care less about local produce and thinks ‘buy British’ Is idiotic, I genuinely think allotment owners are among the best people going. Shame the prices are up, but it’s still affordable and I hope nobody is priced out. Every village/community should have free allotment space imo.
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  6. lurker

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    I wonder where the money will be going.......
  7. 42

    42 Midfield

    If the mod cant stand grasses, itll be you that gets banned :lol:
  8. I'm Spartacus

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    I’m surprised it’s that cheap to be honest.
  9. I’m writing to Jean-Claude Juncker.

    In French.
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  10. Butcher's Coat

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    It's the principal bonny lass.
    Ha'way Jezza

    Again it's the principal Marra

    But it should be £54.60 with the 5% rise as per the tenancy agreement.
    Not the £84 that they want to impose.
    Don't you see that?

    Again, it's the principles of the whole thing.
    The council are not playing ball.
    They are hiking up something 60%.which should be 5%.
    Myself, I can afford it.
    Others cannot.
    It is wrong.
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  11. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    I totally agree with you. What is their justification for such a big rise and how are they getting around the 5% rule?
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  12. They shouldn't be penalising people for doing what more people should be doing. Sunderland Council has zero interest in promoting anything which is healthy.
  13. Osklen

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  14. yamar1

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    Its across the board. My council garage has gone up to nearly £30 pm. Daft bastards. Shoot themselves in the foot as im getting a bigger shed and handing the garage in.
  15. sadsack01

    sadsack01 Midfield

    I think it's more the point that, at least as far as I understand, it needs to be paid upfront.
    So to someone who hasn't got a lot, a one off payment of an extra £30ish quid is quite a lot.

    Still though, over the year it's nothing.

    I've just took a small plot on in Longbenton for £27 for the year. Saying that, it's not your typical ground plot - it's a decent sized raised bed plot.
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  16. More of a Shortstraightun?
  17. Why do you think buying British is idiotic? Surely if the product was a similar price and similar quality it makes sense compared to bring it over from France or Germany. It has many plus points:
    • Less traffic on the roads
    • More money going into our economy
    • Fresher produce
    • Less reliance on other countries
    I really can't see what's idiotic about it.
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  18. ilovehorswill

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    Don't worry he's thick as fuck
  19. Sam Handwich

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    Contracts, agreements or plain old handshakes. It seems everything is up for renegotiation nowadays. All cards are off the table without any forewarning
  20. ilovehorswill

    ilovehorswill Winger

    If they think they can get away with breaking a 5% clause they'll do it again and again until something affects the smug knackers who seem to think this is funny.
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