Sunday dinner

Fred Basset

Central Defender
Apparently, I am now getting a slice of toast for a Sunday dinner for suggesting that chicken is not really Sunday dinner meat. I blame all of you for this. You have to read this, I live with it, you pack of lovely people. Now I am getting gbh to the ear so I hope all of your days are wonderful.

C u next Tuesdays
EDIT: Never mind, I know what the problem is. I should have been looking up Sunday Dinner. You don't mean just having dinner on Sunday, you're talking about an actual English dish called "Sunday Dinner" - just looked it up.
Lonious, if you're ever in London on a Sunday, feel free to join me for Sunday dinner. It's like thanksgiving but every Sunday x
Sausage, yorkshire puds, chicken / beef / turkey,roast potato, mash, roast carrots, cauliflower, brocolli and gravy are the only things that go on Sunday dinners IMO.