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Summer streets 2019

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Brett, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. 10 Gary Rowells

    10 Gary Rowells Striker

    They were called Beezewax from Norway - they played Saturday afternoon at Pop Recs 2 weeks ago and were amazing. Last year they had Martha, Beezewax, the Pale White and Little Comets - a fantastic line up. This year there really is only the Roxy Girls and maybe there is a rapper girl worth seeing. I'm being harsh but this has been a favourite of mine for the past few years and this year's line up seems such a drab let down.
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  3. The Raven

    The Raven Winger

    Thanks mate, spot on
  4. marathon9

    marathon9 Goalkeeper

    Winter roads...ice n snow,,
  5. mad cyril

    mad cyril Winger

    I don’t know, I think it’s a big line up. Paul Smith is the biggest name they’ve had and Roxy Girls are very much on the way up with their 6music profile.
    Then you have Vanderbilt who are also making a name for themselves also.
    Bands like Hip Hop horay and Mr Wilson’s one liners are excellent party bands.
    That’s before the RNS who you’d pay £30 to see on their own.
    I can’t wait for it. Fingers crossed for the weather.

    EDIT. And it’s free mate. We should be grateful that’s it’s on again and not costing us a penny. It’s a fantastic effort from all involved to keep this going.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
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  6. burro nunn

    burro nunn Winger

    Mr Wilson's Second Liners look good fun.

    Doe Paul Smith play any Maximo Park stuff when solo?
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  7. CakeLady

    CakeLady Goalkeeper

    Wont be going due to change in venue again (liked it much better at Thompson Park)
  8. mad cyril

    mad cyril Winger

    But you’ve never been to this new venue ?? It could be better.
    Seems a strange reason to not support the event ?
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  9. CakeLady

    CakeLady Goalkeeper

    We went last year when it was at the Rec, but thought it was better when at Thompson Park. Then its back at the seafront again this time. Why has it moved?
  10. 10 Gary Rowells

    10 Gary Rowells Striker

    I'll definitely be there but can't help being disappointed with the line up. Previously I have seen a lot of great bands I hadn't seen - Martha, Pale White and great local acts like Little Comets, Frankie, Field Music. The party bands you mention are novelty acts which hold no interest to me. I am looking forward to see Roxy Girls and Vandebilt, I've seen them both before and are good bands. I am very grateful its on and fully support it but hope that next year's line up captures my imagination like it has done in the past because the last 3 have been just great.
  11. I assume it has moved from the Rec as there is already something happening there this weekend.
    The event was originally funded by Cultural Spring which focussed on specific areas such as Southwick. That funding only lasted three years so Summer Streets have to battle for funding each year to make it happen now that has run out.
    Last year it was mainly funded by the Tall Ships hence the reason for it moving.
    This year the funding has come from many places but I'm guessing they have more chance of obtaining funding if it's on the seafront as they are going to get more people going. Especially if there is crossover with another event happening across the road.
    I'm from Southwick and always liked that it was held in Thompson Park but I suspect it is a case of have it on the seafront or not at all. They have put on free buses from Southwick and included groups like SNYP so it still links to its Southwick roots.
    Remember that this is effectively one bloke trying to put on a free festival for the people of Sunderland. Whilst the council chip in, it isn't a council event and it isn't easy to pull off.
    Disappointing that you choose to miss out on a great day because a free festival doesn't meet your exacting requirements but that's your choice.
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  12. mad cyril

    mad cyril Winger

    Fair dos, I know you’ve always supported.

    My point I suppose is that line ups are always going to be subjective, doesn’t matter if it’s glastonbury or summer streets you’re never going to please all the people all the time. I’m also not fussed on the novelty acts but they add diversity and a lot of people do like them.
    I’ve never seen Vanderbilt, Paul Smith or Roxy girls so I’m really looking forward to that. The kids are looking forward to the silent disco, bycle ballet and tiny Tweenies and the parents are really excited to see RNS again.

    There can’t be another festival in the UK that does all that for free. I love it and apologise for getting a bit defensive !!
    Hope you have a great day on Saturday.
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  13. CakeLady

    CakeLady Goalkeeper

    Ah I see. Didn't realise the move was to do with funding. I actually think its a fantastic festival, its just I preferred it at Thompson Park thats all. We live in a street that backs onto the park so it was brilliant having something so good so close to home that we could pop to with the kids, and nip home if we needed to.
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  14. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    Bastard old buggers and their pollution machines. Last time I popped by one of those there were loads that were really stretching the classic car tag. Old yes. Classic no.

    Shame it has had to move. The rec is perfect for a family event like this as it's enclosed. The main road will still be open past Cliff park and with hundreds of kids about that's not ideal. I assuming the park won't be fenced off.
  15. Brett

    Brett Striker

    Bumping this as definitely something that deserves to be supported

    Had Kay Greyson recommended to me by a friend so will check her out
  16. On a bit earlier than I'd planned to go down but might have a dodge anyway.
  17. Brett

    Brett Striker

    Weather has gone a little down hill, may be some rain about in the afternoon
  18. Mackem00

    Mackem00 Striker

    Out of principle or something? Seems a bit strange if you would have otherwise gone.
  19. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    Seen a couple of people mention they are looking forward to the silent disco. Looking it up it appears it's a Theatrical Silent Disco experience. I imagine there is going to be a few disappointed people.
  20. He usually does, yes.
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