Summer streets 2019

poor line up compared to previous years imo, should have a whip round and get the rest of maximo park there, his solo stuff is pretty awful
Have to say its the first time Ive been disappointed. I like Roxy Girls but there's nothing else which grabs me. Shame the last 3 have been tremendous. I'll still go and support it though.
Judging by last year's audience, it's a lot more mixed than say a traditional Split Festival crowd so I guess it's difficult to get the balance right. I tend to go with an open mind and hope to be surprised by someone. Last year there was a band in one of the smaller tents, they were possibly Norwegian, and I really enjoyed them without knowing anything about them.
I was working last year and dotting about between various groups of mates when not working so I'm hoping just to kick back and enjoy the day this time around.